Company Profile: Outsourceit

September 7, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Articles of the Day


Focus. A quality all great leaders possess.

Even in business, the ability to stay focused on your core business and not get distracted by the numerous business processes is critical to your success and growth.

The concept of outsourcing (the practice of employing outside firms to perform tasks normally done in-house) was born out of the need to help businesses focus on their core business.

Outsourceit is a Nigerian business that provides a platform for you to connect with independent consulting professionals and outsource your business needs.

The platform gives you easy and cost effective means to find and use independent consulting firms to handle your business processes.

This means you can now:

1. Save cost on labour

2. Increase your business efficiency

3. Launch new projects easier and faster

It’s easy to find and use independent firms on Outsourceit. Just follow these steps:


1. Signup to the Outsourceit platform by visiting

2. Click on I want to Hire for Clients/Employers

3. Register your details to update profile

Post Your Project

1. Sign in with your login details to post your project on the platform or hire consultant directly

2. Consultants with relevant skill sets are alerted

3. Consultants submit bids for your project

Fund Your Escrow Account

1. Fund your escrow account

2. Pay project fee/budget into Outsourceit’s bank account

3. Once payment is made into Outsourceit’s bank account, your escrow account becomes automatically funded


1. Review profile and reviews of consultants who bid

2. Select consultant with the best fit for your project

Manage Your Project

1. Discuss your project with consultants on the platform

2. Share documents with consultants via the platform

3. Track and review agreed project timelines/milestones

Release Payment to consultants

Update each completed milestones to completed.

That’s all!

Ready to cut cost and increase your business efficiency? Find quality consultants to handle your business needs on