Leadership Manifesto: Discover Purpose

September 16, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Articles of the Day


Business woman-connectnigeriaThese principles are the manifestations of leadership anywhere in the world. Where you find them in operation, you will find leadership in manifestation.

2. You must discover PURPOSE

Exceptional leadership is a product of purpose discovery.

Purpose discovery is finding the “REAL YOU” in you!!

When you find purpose, you will attract opportunity to lead.

Purpose is the common denominator in the lives of great leaders in history.

Nothing distinguishes exceptional leaders like a sense of purpose.


A man of purpose will attract others to himself who will help him fulfill it.

Without a defined purpose, energy is diffused, power is dissipated and resources are wasted.

More men fail through lack of purpose, than lack of talent.

The purpose of leadership is more important than position of leadership.

Just like birds can’t swim, fish can’t fly; so also you can’t lead outside your arena of purpose.

Purpose is the nucleus of your existence.



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