Amina Muhammed senate screening over

October 13, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ NEWS and Gossip


Mrs Amina Muhammed has been requested that take a bow in the wake of repelling inquiries tossed at her amid screening for a clerical position. She utilized the screening to nag the requirement for Nigeria to incorporate the new Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs, into its long haul arranges.

One of the issues raised amid her screening was the divergence in state’s entrance to contingent stipends while she was the presidential helper on the MDGs. She however responded to this that there was a generally concurred criteria with respect to the appropriation of stipends.

The Nominee then called attention to that a percentage of the distraught states neglected to meet those criteria for restrictive stipends as they were not able to give documentation and what they expect to do with such finances.

Mrs. Muhammed however brought up that her office was however ready to manufacture the limit of those states.

(Source: DAILY POST)