Help for the penniless

October 14, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ NEWS and Gossip


There is no free lunch anyplace; not even in Freetown, so goes the well known saying. All things considered, not in all cases. The platitude without a doubt does not have any significant bearing to the exercises of Healing Touch Foundation, (HTF) a not-revenue driven association whose sole point is to advance its group with free human services administrations.

Enlisted with the Corporate Affairs Commission in August 2009, HTF has the vision of helping the poor in the general public become acquainted with great life through wellbeing training, restorative effort and procurement of valuable materials, among other group administrations.

On Saturday, October 10, Healing Touch Foundation, in conjunction with Toyin Oni Foundation, conveyed euphoria to the general population of Akoka territory of Lagos. Inhabitants of the group and its environs would not overlook the day in a rush, as shifted restorative tests were completed on willful group individuals that thronged the venue looking for medicinal services. To the establishment, it’s just a sound group that could contribute emphatically to the development of the economy, in this manner guaranteeing peace and amicability in the general public.

Official secretary of the establishment, Adebimpe Adegoke, said the energy to serve humankind was the main thrust of the establishment. The establishment’s trademark, she said, is ‘restoring trusts and sparing lives’. She noticed that the less advantaged persons were the ones that experience the ill effects of the nonattendance of fundamental social insurance offices in many groups. She revealed that HTF had taken it upon itself to perceive how its group could be better affected, affirming that even in more created climes, the legislature was not really took off alone to oblige everything the needs of the subjects.

Hear her: “We need to verify that individuals have entry to wellbeing training. Avoidance, they say, is superior to anything cure. Along these lines, intermittently we sort out wellbeing talk, and course, where we show individuals certain preventive measures that could keep a few sicknesses from entering into our framework. We consistently accumulate diverse therapeutic professionals like virologists, cardiologists, ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialists, and general experts who disclose to us about maladies that are hereditary, man-made, and a few others whose immediate reasons seem unexplainable.

“For instance, the last workshop we had was labeled: ‘keep your heart with all perseverance’, where we concentrated on heart-related illnesses.

“We do restorative effort, as we are having now, which is to give medicinal services administrations for nothing out of pocket to individuals. A great deal of authorities whose administrations individuals will most likely be unable to effortlessly manage, and who have faith in group administration, go along with us in this race to guarantee a more advantageous society. We have our group individuals tried medicinally, and the medications prescribed are given to them complimentary. We likewise run eye tests. Our eye experts watch out for indications of glaucoma, waterfall and all indications of maladies that are identified with the eyes. We individuals that need glasses and get the bills on those ones requiring medicinal eye treatment. Those that need surgeries, we catch up to guarantee they complete them. At the research center, we run tests for Hepatitis B, Human Immuno Deficiency Virus (HIV), glucose et cetera. To those that test positive to HIV, we have them alluded to virologists that are on ground as well, who might lift it up and guarantee they take after their treatment appropriately and tenaciously, without giving them a chance to lose trust. In spite of the fact that, administration has officially set up an office to deal with them, in the event that you don’t see to their advising and observing, a ton of them would essentially stay back in their homes, grieving and trusting it is the apocalypse. We trust we owe humankind that administration.”

The establishment’s support of humankind likewise incorporates philanthropy deals, where the poor disparage a few materials like attire, shoes, sacks and different things at incredibly shabby costs.

“There is a disgrace that individuals join to being destitute in our framework, which is not right. Being in need is nothing belittling; it is only a stage that would soon fail away. At a certain point or the other in our lives, we have all experienced such a stage. We have seen that individuals feel avoided actually picking free things from philanthropy, in light of the fact that it makes them feel less critical. Along these lines, we have formulated a method for getting such things crosswise over to individuals at modest costs, which would in a manner give a feeling of purchasing and offering,” she said.

One of the recipients of the medicinal effort and inhabitant of Akoka, Mrs. Omoniyi Kehinde said the task was very praiseworthy. To her, Healing Touch Foundation was sent by God to handle the therapeutic issues of impoverished individuals living in the region.

“For instance, I have experienced tests for bosom malignancy, cervical tumor and numerous others. These are things that one may never consider doing unless one is absolutely down with the sickness. Be that as it may, with the NGO coming into the area, the mindfulness has been extraordinary and the treatment, excellent. Numerous inhabitants have been trooping in and out throughout recent hours. The project has been going on well and they are entirely sorted out. They have been directing tests on individuals, treating them and guiding them, giving medications thus numerous other wellbeing helps. Also, the administration is completely free. I never envisioned such an establishment existed in Nigeria as of not long ago. In the event that we could have numerous different establishments like this in the nation, destitution and sicknesses would go down,” she said.

Another recipient, Emeka Enyinnaya, a writer and agent, lauded the establishment for its great signal. He said for a long time, the coordinators of the occasion had never been sick of rendering free wellbeing administration to inhabitants.

“Since 10am that I arrived, numerous individuals have been trooping to this venue. Truth be told, individuals have been calling others on phone to come here and appreciate the free therapeutic administration. For any illness that has been recognized, free medications were given to the patients, and they don’t gather a penny. This is great, and I say praise and more gifts to the association.”

Dr. Bamidele Oke affirmed that it had been an incredible involvement in the most recent four years that he had been working with the NGO. He said the HTF had consistently attempted to take into account everything restorative needs however much as could be expected, considering the consideration of cervical screening, ENT and ophthalmology this year. He said: “In a perfect world, we ought to have more NGOs doing this. Most religious bodies ought to likewise share. I am of the sentiment that each religious body ought to have a school and a fitting clinic. On the off chance that each congregation or mosque would have a standard healing center, it would take the weight off the legislature.”

An ear, nose and throat expert, Dr. Ayodele Akinola, said it was the fourth time he would be taking an interest in the effort. He said ENT is an essential part of prescription that individuals manage on a regular premise. He included that a youngster with listening to impedance that is not diagonised sufficiently early could later have issues in talking. He further clarified: “Certain ailments like intermittent catarrh, running of nose, sniffling are basic nowadays, inferable from individuals’ contamination of the earth. At the point when individuals have such infirmities, they don’t see the need to counsel the pro; they simply approach a scientific expert store, purchase self-endorsed catarrh tranquilizes and leave on self-prescription. They neglect to comprehend that such maladies could prompt asthma, if not treated sufficiently early, and with the right pharmaceuticals. This is one key reason we have come to value a NGO like this, that benefits nearby groups the chance of professional therapeutic consultancy.”

The system administrator, Lanre Ajayi, said the establishment was resolved to bear the obligation of medicinal services procurement in the group, in guaranteeing a sound society