We must get the criminals: FESTAC robbery

October 15, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ NEWS and Gossip


LAGOS State Commis­sioner of Police, Mr. Fa­tai Owoseni, has pledged that the Command would capture the bank’s culprits theft that occurred on Fourth Avenue, FESTAC Town, Lagos on Tuesday.

The CP told Crime Watch Today that the in­cident hd tested the police. “We are considering the pattern of wrongdoing in the state. We are strategising. The summon must ascent up to the new patterns in theft assaults.

Mr. Owoseni, who noticed that the police was surrounding the brigands said with insight report in this way, the police would soon lift them up.

He guaranteed Lagosians of vigorous security, add­ing that the culprits would be captured and pa­raded before individuals from people in general.

As indicated by him, Po­lice mediation on Tues­day diminished the quantity of setbacks dur­ing the occurrence.

“Episodes like this chal­lenge us to ascend and strategise. What I can as­sure inhabitants of this city is that there is no concealing spot for the gangsters. It is extremely unlikely they can escape equity. Whatever it may take us, we must get them. I additionally need to guarantee residents that there is not at all like frailty in Lagos. We will proceed to strategise. I won’t let you know all that we are doing yet what I can guarantee you is that we will get the rob­bers.”

In the interim, Mr. Pe­ter Njirika, the lady’s widower, who was killed close by her little girl by stray slugs from the burglars identifies with newsmen yesterday.

As per Peter: “When I got back home at night, I saw blood all over and I met individuals in the house and a young lady cleaning blood and was yelling “my sister! my sister!” (My wife), and afterward I asked what hap­pened to your sister? Be that as it may, she couldn’t give me a response to the inquiry. I was advised to go to the hos­pital at First Gate.

“When I arrived, I saw my wife lying dead and afterward I asked, shouldn’t something be said about my girl? They let me know that they had taken her to Navy Hospital at Satel­lite Town. I needed to detract my wife from where she was. She was later taken to the Alimosho General Hospital where she used to fill in as a medical attendant. It was there that she was con­firmed dead.

“She has subsequent to been taken to Isolo General Hospital morgue. I was in a mess. I was still in stun over the disaster. At the point when my wife’s more youthful sibling called me on telephone, I asked him where was my little girl? He let me know that she too was dead.”

“My wife was a sort of individual that worked for hu­manity and all her inten­tion was on the most proficient method to satisfy the following individual close by, that was her vision since when I got hitched to her. She looked after the less-favored. She was a pleasant and flawless wife. She was constantly prepared to offer assistance.

“The reality still remains that we don’t need to accuse anyone, even God who permitted it to happen. I trust nothing can happen in this world without His permis­sion. We all ought to gain learn from what has happened