End of the street for Lagos culprits

October 16, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ NEWS and Gossip


In an exemplary instance of proactive policing, policemen from Ikotun Police Division at a young hour in the morning of Sunday, October 4, thwarted a death endeavor by a gathering of homicidal punks on an agent.

The suspected offenders picked an exceptionally favorable time that Sunday morning when individuals were get ready for chapel administrations to visit the Ogunfowora bequest, a first class private piece of Ikotun with tears and blood. Tragically for them, in any case, they strolled into a well laid out snare by the police.

The day had started like some other run of the mill Sunday. It hinted at no being a life-changing day for inhabitants of Ogunfowora Estate on Abaranje Road, Ikotun, a Lagos suburb. Inhabitants arranged for chapel administrations while the individuals who were not going to chapel lolled in their beds, some listening to radio and others just appreciating the joy of a without work day.

Humorously, it was a day that denoted the street’s end for a posse of lawbreakers who for over three weeks had been idealizing their arrangements to kill a bequest’s occupant essentially distinguished as Godfrey. Sources at the police headquarters who needed secrecy said that the hoodlums were unconscious that the police had picked knowledge report of their accursed plans and set them under reconnaissance weeks before the D – Day.

While the arrangement to slaughter the specialist, Godfrey went on, the police worked in front of them, resolved to catch them in the act. Understanding that illuminating Godfrey about the approaching assault could trigger frenzy, which could screw up the operation, the police worked underground by putting the family under defensive observation without the information of Godfrey and his relatives.

At the point when the police were fulfilled that the arrangement had come to a crescendo and the D-day set for one of the days in the Sallah occasion, the police moved in quickly and energetic the family away to a more secure spot far from their recently manufactured manor. The operation, facilitated by the divisional cop (DPO), Ikotun Police Station Mr. Ekete, a boss director of police (CSP) and drove by the head of operations, Ikotun Police Division, Mr. Alade, an associate director of police, looked like what one could find in a film. Day and night all through the general population occasions, the police laid a trap at in the manor at Ogunfowora bequest, decided not to be gotten unprepared and not to let the criminals escape.

As per sources, when the police were starting to think the hoodlums may have altered their opinion, they came Sunday morning around 8am. Obscure to them that they were strolling into a trap, they thumped and the gatekeeper opened the door for them. They requested his supervisor and he guided them inside the house, going about as was coordinated by the cops. Shockingly, the group, which came in one tricycle, also called Keke Marwa, and one bike, okada, numbered six men. The men were driven by a previous driver of Godfrey, Azeez, who surrendered his arrangement about two months back. Being a natural face in the compound and knowing the home’s landscape exceptionally well, he realized that the bequest was constantly calm on Sunday, especially in the morning. Obviously, Azeez was entirely certain that he would have a simple passage into the compound.

As they made for the door’s passageway and going to cover their countenances with veils, the staccato stable of `gunshots by the police incapacitated them. They essentially did not expect such an appreciated gathering. As a component of the involved terrific arrangement, a police watch van completely stacked with equipped with every kind of weaponry policemen remained by throughout the night in an adjacent road amid these four days and four evenings of operation.

At the discharges’ sound, the police fortification touched base to cordon off the whole domain. Then again, while four of the professional killers were captured, two that were on standby took to their heels and figured out how to escape after listening to the discharges. Those got had in their belonging, firearms, blades, tomahawks and face covers.

An inhabitant of Ogunfowora bequest who did not need his name in print portrayed the occasion as one equipped for making one feel pleased with the Nigerian police.

“See, wow, the police are working, it is we Nigerians that are underrating the Nigerian police. What happened here is something else,” he said.

Describing what happened that morning, the occupant said his family simply left for chapel and not long after, discharges started to ring out from a recently finished chateau in the domain, near his home.

“My family simply left for chapel and in light of the fact that I wasn’t feeling too well, I didn’t go to chapel. Not exactly long after they cleared out, sporadic discharges rang out from the house adjacent. At in the first place, I was enticed to think it was a few firecrackers by Muslims still in festivity state of mind. Yet, the shots’ recurrence, trailed by yapping requests, let me know it was a burglary going on. Truth be told, I stowed away in my room, peeping through the window to see what was going on. As the shooting proceeded with, I thought the end had come in light of the fact that with the bequest’s quietude on this Sunday morning, anybody they got was a dead man. I was considerably more frightened, particularly when I saw men with firearms bounce out of the compound spilling into the road.”

Indeed, even after the discharges halted and the police watch vehicle accompanied heaps of policemen, no occupant had the guts to venture out to see what was occurring.

“My sibling, nobody had the liver to turn out to see what was occurring. I thank the police for such a great job in light of the fact that I later discovered those conveying weapons and climbing and down the avenues were police investigators. It was not until I saw the home’s secretary walk pass my home towards the policemen that I discovered the legs to stand up and come down to see what was going on. It was likewise the secretary’s vicinity that now urged different inhabitants to troop out to ask what happened. This is essentially police work taking care of business,” he said enthusiastically.

“Despite the fact that the bequest is a standout amongst the most secure spots in Ikotun, with security set up both day and night, the culprits still had the boldness to come into the domain to do such a devious demonstration. Express gratitude toward God their arrangements did not work out.”

The Chairman of Ogunfowora Estate Community Development Association, Alhaji Kamor Ogunfowora depicted the fruitful operation by the police as a sign of cutting edge policing, taking note of that it merited tribute. He said that OECDA had truth be told sent a letter of honor to the Ikotun Police Division in energy about their steady vicinity in the bequest, which he noted had made the spot a waterloo for some crooks.

The administrator declared that police adequacy must be improved when Nigerians understood that opportune data to the police was critical to proactive policing, focusing on that security was everybody’s business. He said the bequest had received stiffer efforts to establish safety, including the boycott of okada and the limitations of keke into the home to particular times of the day, presentation of inhabitant stickers and establishment of security cameras. He said covert security agents had been conveyed for day and night watches in the estate