68-year-old grandma ejected from church quarters

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what a life

68-year-old grandma ejected from church quarters, family house…lives in danfo with 6 kids

Life, most likely, is a coin with two sides. To some, it turns the great side brimming with fun, delight, bounty and magnificence. To others, the inverse is their part. The lamentable story of 68-year-old Mrs Kehinde Oseni affirms she is confronting the opposite side of life portrayed by torment, destitution, vagrancy and vulnerability.

In the event that this looks or sounds weird to you, then consider the predicament of Mrs Oseni, an easygoing laborer at Lagos Island Local Government. Incidentally, she lives inside a relinquished nearby board income transport prevalently called danfo on Freeman road, Lagos Island. An indigene of Isale Eko, otherwise called Lagos Island where multi-billion naira business exchanges go on regular, it is without a doubt a disagreement to find amidst this bounty, ‘a little girl of the dirt’ is destitute as well as has been surrendered by all to her unfeeling destiny.

Hers is an existence of hardships and she shows up as of now overpowered by them. She has clearly lost confidence in life and sitting tight for death to do its more awful. Naturally introduced to a group of 14 youngsters, with four twins, Mrs Oseni is today the main survivor. The rest are dead. Widowed 14 years prior, she at first discovered comfort in a congregation which housed her yet was not long after launched out. From that point, she moved into her family house however was later tossed out. With no place else to go, she needs to move into a danfo transport surrendered in the city, which now serves as a home for her, her just surviving little girl and five grandchildren.

“My guardians brought forth 14 youngsters and had four twins. I am a twin additionally however all are dead. I am the main survivor in my gang. Prior to my spouse and little girl passed on, we were living serenely until death came and whisked her away after she brought forth Mary. It appears passing keeps running in my family”, she told Saturday Sun with trepidation composed everywhere on her.

A nearby take a gander at the danfo demonstrates that the two front seats of the vehicle-turned-home serve as beds for two individuals from the family while four different individuals bunch on mats spread on the transport’s floor and the stall compartment which additionally houses the broken motor of the vehicle is utilized as closet with garments scattered everywhere.

For her to recount to her own story, Saturday Sun’s CHIZOBA OKENWA and LAWRENCE ENYOGHASU invested some energy with her in her “condo” and identifies with her. Extracts:

Who truly would you say you are?

My name is Mrs Kehinde Oseni. I am 68 years of age. I am an indigene of Lagos State, Eko to be exact. My spouse kicked the bucket in 2001 from ailment. The general population you see here are my kids and grandchildren: Tunde, Temilade, Sekinat, Mary, Musiliu and Sule. I have two little girls, yet one is dead while the other is with me.

What murdered her?

My first little girl kicked the bucket of inconveniences from labor after she brought forth Mary.

How did your issue begin?

My issue began when a decent Samaritan, the head minister of my congregation, a Cherubim and Seraphim church, gave us a space to stay at Unity Road. The house has a place with the head minister of my congregation. She likewise offered rooms to distinctive ministers, appointing one space to every minister. One of the ministers whose name was Seun, I don’t have the foggiest idea about his surname, was the one that botched things up for us. He was given one room; he utilized another as a studio. He later leased two rooms to different inhabitants without the head’s assent minister. He gathered N190,000 as rent from inhabitants, rooms that didn’t fit in with him.

Here, there was this legal advisor who knew the head minister’s spouse. The legal advisor cautioned the man that there was up and coming inconvenience in the house, a major issue for him to handle which may prompt suit. On that note, the man said we ought to pack out, every one of us living in that house including the minister.

I pressed my heap to 64, Bitrus Road here in Igbosere which was a family house. A few days after the fact, a few individuals from my spouse’s family came and said that I ought to go out on the grounds that it had been given to an engineer to modify. I instructed them to give personal time as someone else had given me an area at Bariga and I had purchased constructing materials for it and asked them to be understanding with me. I purchased a materials’ portion with the N60,000 I got from the month to month commitment among my companions at work.

The individual, Mr Tunde that gave me the area said his sibling who possesses the area said nobody ought to utilize the area until he returned from abroad before any development will start. I concurred and that was two years prior and the sibling has not even return.

What did you do with the materials you purchased?

I needed to offer the materials I purchased for the development at a lower cost in light of the fact that the area was at that point producing debate. I utilized the cash to provide food for my family and it has wrapped up.

Why you rest in a transport with your family ?

On Freeman Street where we live now, the transport was relinquished here for quite a while and since I have no spot to go, my girl, grandchildren and I stay in this transport where they can rest during the evening in light of the fact that there is little security around this range and the tenants are acquainted with us.

Shouldn’t something be said about your relatives?

My spouse’s family surrendered me; they have not helped by any means. Since my spouse’s end, his family has deserted me.

Shouldn’t something be said about your own gang?

My guardians brought forth 14 youngsters and had four twins. I am a twin likewise however all are dead. I am the main survivor in my crew. Prior to my spouse and girl kicked the bucket, we were living easily until death came and whisked her away after she brought forth Mary. It appears passing keeps running in my gang. I simply don’t recognize what is going on. Indeed, even my late little girl’s spouse’s business disintegrated. It was a year ago December he saw Mary, his girl and from that point forward, we have not seen him since.

How would you sustain yourself and your kids?

For a long time now, I have functioned as an easygoing staff for the nearby government. In this way, I have gotten little assistance from individuals, however with my girl and grandchildren to deal with, it has not been simple. I wash plate to survive now. Whenever there is a gathering some place, I take my youngsters and grandchildren there where we wash the plates and get paid. Here and there, I acquire N500 or N1000 relying upon the event.

We get offended a large portion of the times yet we are utilized to it now. I am simply asking God to show leniency toward my family on the grounds that we are to a great degree enduring. My grandchildren are constantly terrified when the night comes yet I am utilized to it. It is not happy. Their companions mock them in school on the grounds that we live in a danfo transport. I will like the legislature to help us in light of the fact that this circumstance has made me lose confidence in mankind.