Biafra war with Nigeria is not over

October 17, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ NEWS and Gossip



MASSOB Leader, Chief Ralph Uwazuruike, has said he lamented the annihilation of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan in 2015 presidential surveys, saying that Jonathan’s annihilation fol­lowed the same example of the Biafra – Nigeria common war.

Talking at the group’s special meeting yesterday in Yenagoa, Bay­elsa State, the MASSOB pioneer who was spoken to by Elder James Ome­ke, zonal pioneer Igboeze North Lo­cal Government Area, in an announcement marked by the Deputy National Direc­tor for Information, Mazi Chris Mo­cha made accessible to Saturday Sun, clarified that the South’s Yoruba West planned with their Hausa/Fu­lani of the North and brought ill will between Igbo of the South East and the Igbo siblings in the Niger Delta, add­ing that such seed of disagreement sown expense us the Igbo their first endeavor at Biaf­ran freedom.

“My vicinity today in Bayesla State has again exhibited that blood is thicker than water. Biafra undertaking is a venture that gives us trust and antici­pation. It likewise separates us from others.The monstrous bolster Ndigbo provided for Jonathan in the last decision clarified this. Ndigbo have not lamented voting in favor of Jonathan.

” Biafra is a venture that unites us each new day,” Uwazuruike said. He noticed that the Biafra proj­ect characterized Igbo and the Niger Delta (South-South) as one individuals.

“The task (Biafra) when men­tioned panics our adversaries and stig­matises us before our oppressors,” he further noted.

Uwazuruike additionally said his family had endured hardships and massa­cred in their millions due to Bi­afra, revealing that Jonathan’s thrashing had highlighted the way that the Biaf­ran war battled with Nigeria has not finished.

“It was a war battled between the previous Eastern Region (Biafra) and Nigeria. That was the reason MASSOB firmly bolstered the Niger Delta. This particular mentality and our gathering with the pioneers of Niger Delta on Bi­afra has unmistakably conveyed us closer to our siblings and subsequently, made the strug­gle for Biafran freedom more grounded once more.