Don’t spare my kidnappers

October 17, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ NEWS and Gossip


Alleviated that he’s at long last been conveyed up close and personal with his ab­ductors in police net where he iden­tified them, previous Secretary to the Federation’s Government, Chief Olu Falae has requested that the legal not save his kidnappers.

“As an open officer, I am pleased with the se­curity offices that went full scale against these crooks. I am cheerful, if given sufficient backing and assets the police would live above desires of all Nigerians. No in­stitution can be superior to the Nigerian so­ciety, yet I anticipate that the legal will perform its obligation and do equity to this case in view of the proof introduced before them”, Falae proclaimed in a meeting after he distinguished his criminals in a parade at the police order central station in Akure, the Ondo state capital on Thursday.

While Falae is calling for equity, the sus­pected pointed stone of the syndicate is plead­ing honesty. “I wasn’t included in the ab­duction of boss, despite the fact that my telephone number was utilized for transaction of the payment and a lot of the payment gathered was additionally found in my home. What happened was that, one of my companions known as Idris, who I met only two months prior went to my home couple of days before Sallah festivity and took one of my SIM cards”, this was a protection’s piece of Abubakar Auta a.k.a Datijo who the police affirmed was one of the master­minds of the grab of Chief Falae, stole by Fulani herders on his 77th birthday.

The Special Intelligence Response Team (SIRT), a world class unit of the Nigeria Police Force, which was conveyed by the Inspec­tor General of Police, Solomon Arase, to track and catch the hijackers picked Abubakar and four others at distinctive loca­tions including Niger, Ondo and Ekiti states. The other four suspects who were recognized as Abubakar Auta, Bello Jannu, Umaru Ibra­him, Masahudu Muhammed and Idris Lawal were said to have burglarized and snatched Falae on September 21, 2015 at Kajola/Eyinala group in Akure North Local Govern­ment Area of Ondo State.

Their capture

Police examination uncovered that among the suspects, Abubakar Auta a.k.a Datijo was one of the brains and organizer of the pack as he was said to have arranged and gathered the payoff. With the guide of one Idris who is still everywhere, he professedly composed the group who he controlled from Niger State. Masahudu Muhammed who is situated in Ekiti furnished the pack with fund while Bello Jannu who is situated in Niger was drafted to give a large portion of the mastery the posse embraced. Jannu admitted to the po­lice that he is a prepared hijacker who has participated in three prominent kidnappings in Kogi State.

The suspected pack pioneer, Abubakar, 25, who is hitched to two wives, was captured when agents of the SIRT, trailed him to his chateau in Minna, Niger State. It was assembled that the agents revealed that the calls for transaction of payment exuded from an area in Minna, Niger State. When they looked his condo, N823,990, which was a N5million’s piece paid as ran­som to Falae’s ruffians, was recuperated.

Despite the fact that he asserted that he is a casualty of situation, police investigators guaranteed that they have logical confirmation to demonstrate that he was at the area where the payment was paid.

The agents likewise found that Abubakar had as of late bought the man­sion and three autos; two Toyota Camry and an Avalon, for a yet to determined sum. He was additionally charged to have put in two years in Port Harcourt where he obtained more abilities.

It was further assembled that the recuperated cash, which was in different divisions, still has the stamp of the Akure branch of the bank where it was pulled back for installment at the time it was recouped.

The suspects additionally distinguished Abdullahi Us­man and Babaworu who are at present in the Department’s authority of State Services (DSS) as individuals from the criminal pack. The DSS had before in the week paraded the couple.

The couple, while they were paraded by DSS, affirmed that it was one Datijo that ap­proached them, grumbling that he was poor and requesting that they give data on any huge man that could be kidnapped. They likewise asserted that the whole payoff was paid to Datijo.

Affirming their capture, IGP Arase, in an announcement made accessible to the media, said that after prudent examination concerning the ab­duction of Chief Falae and the ensuing ar­rest of the associated criminals requested the arraignment with the suspects.

He recognized his men for the brisk ar­rest of the suspects, and said that the Nige­ria Police under his administration will investigate every possibility at guaranteeing that all lawbreakers in the nation are conveyed to equity.

They likewise requested the participation and association with the police, saying with cred­ible and snappy data, the employment of pro­tecting lives and property accompanies ease.

Suspects’ admission

While in police confinement, one of the sus­pects Umoru Ibrahim, 24, a local of Kebbi State, guaranteed that it was Babaworu, his companion and kindred cattleman that brought him into abducting. In his words, Umoru who was particularly distinguished by Chief Falae said: “Couple of days before the last Sal­lah festivity, Babawuro, came to me in Ado Ekiti and obtained the entirety of N20, 000 from me, promising he would pay me the following day. However, he called me and asked for that I ought to meet him at Akure that he has an occupation for me. I solicited what sort from employment and he said it was a lucrative cultivating occupation that will pay me enough cash. I immediately acquired the aggregate of N10, 000 from a lady in Ado Ekiti and I surged down to Owo and met him at an assigned spot.

“He then took me into the hedge and we strolled a couple separation before getting to a spot where I met Idris Lawan, sitting tight for us. Babawuro then solicited both from us to hold up at that recognize that he was going to get some other individuals why should running work with us.

When he cleared out, I inquired as to whether he knew the na­ture of the employment and he let me know that he doesn’t have the foggiest idea. I inquired as to whether he knows Babawuro exceptionally well and he clarified that he was likewise a cat­tleman in Okene and he has met Babawuro two or three times when they moved their dairy animals together. He said that Babawuro called him and said he has work that could bring him some snappy cash so he exited his cows in Okene and hurried down. While we held up, six other peo­ple including Babawuro showed up and went along with us. It was then that Babawuro took a gander at me and said that the employment we were to execute was rob­bery. I asked him where will the burglary happen and he let me know that we are going to convey a person. I then asked how we could offer an individual and profit for ourselves and he said we are going to make the individual pay us some cash and in the event that he denies we will release him subsequent to going through a few days with us and we will follow someone else. At that point he brought out two weapons and gave them over to one Usman and Dogo.”

Completely outfitted and prepared to execute their arrangement, Umoru said that they continued to Chief Falae’s ranch. “We got to a stream near the homestead and held up until we located a major vehicle crashing into the ranch. Babawuro motioned to us and said that our objective was in the homestead and we ought to move in. Those with the firearms were in front and began shooting aimlessly, while we took after from behind. When we saw the Chief, we captured him, one of us, who have a cutlass, assaulted Chief and harmed him. We then took Chief away and we trekked a long separation before Babawuro, appeared with a bicycle. We realized that the old man can’t trek such a long separation, so Babawuro and one other individual constrained him to situate on the bicycle and they drove off. The rest trekked throughout the night for 12 hours before we came to the heart of the matter where they were. Babawuro left a few of us to stay back and watch over boss. Our employment was to take care of the boss yet some other individuals were chatting with his family for payoff and at whatever point they need us to permit him to converse with his family they will call us and solicitation that we ought to call his wife’s number. Following four days, we got a call that the payoff has been paid and we ought to release him. We took him out and about and we all fled. Babawuro then called and said every one of us ought to continue to Abuja for our cash. When I arrived I got N100, 000 as my offer and I rapidly went to Ado Ekiti to pay off every one of my obligations. I offered N50,000 to a man I was ow­ing N60,000, I then paid N10,000 to the wom­an who loaned me cash to Owo. I additionally gave N7, 000 to somebody I was obliged to and I spent the rest,” Umoru described.

Fulfilled by the degree the cash he col­lected assisted him with settling his obligation; Umoru utilized the remaining add up to compose a befitting Sallah festivity. He was amazed when he learnt that the group’s pioneer, Babawuro had been captured however he never realized that it was regarding the seize case. “Af­ter the Sallah, Idris Lawan called me and said, Babawuro was captured where he was drinking and everybody who was with him when he was captured had been safeguarded, aside from him. I let him know where I was and he accompanied Masaudu Moah­mmed and Bello Janu, who were additionally companions of Babawuro keeping in mind we were anticipating how to raise the cash for his safeguard the police appeared at the eatery where we were and captured the four of us.”

Entirely mindful of the suggestion if discovered blameworthy in court, Umoru said that he is alleviated that his offer of the payment paid his obligation. “Before I was captured, I felt calmed for paying those I was obliged to and my euphoria was stopped when the police appeared. I didn’t realize that this was what I was getting myself into, I wouldn’t have gone along with them. However, I am still glad that I had the capacity pay off my obligation”, he said.

Attempting absolve himself from the different arraignment by alternate suspects that he was the driving force, Abubakar who was found with a buy-off’s portion denied tuning in the op­era