I quit bank work to become farmer

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I quit bank work to become farmer – Tinuola, Obathomps Integrated Enterprise

Mrs Tinuola Thompson Ajayi is an agriculturist. She possesses Obathomps Integrated Enterprise. After her excursion in keeping money world, she chose to be a rancher with any desire for encouraging the country; from the fantasy of being a researcher, to concentrating on Accountancy yet wound up being an agriculturist. In this meeting with Lawrence Enyoghasu and Chiamaka Ajeamo, she portrayed her adoration for farming and where it is taking her to.


What pushed you into Agriculture?

Farming is something that worries everyone independent of the age, position, condition, shading and race, man will need to eat. You can be anyone on the planet and have all the cash on the planet, yet you should eat. For this situation, it is it is possible that you are paying cash to purchase nourishment or you are delivering the sustenance for individuals to come and purchase or you are preparing the nourishment for the individuals who will favor it complex. Some place along the quality chain nourishment influences all. So I have dependably been occupied with farming. Notwithstanding when I was into dynamic saving money I had a little ranch I was overseeing. Be that as it may, after, I resigned I confronted it completely.

Did you dream to be an agriculturist?

No! I never envisioned myself being an agriculturist. I considered Accountancy, I did managing an account proficient exams and I likewise concentrated on Information System so I am a guaranteed Information System Auditor. I am a lady of numerous parts; when I was in auxiliary school I was in science class concentrating on to wind up a specialist. I was the best graduating science understudy in my school at Regan Memorial Baptist Secondary School, Yaba of 1982 set. I was going for classes for all the Chemistry and Physics. At that point I went for my Hsc at Lagos Anglican Girls still for my science courses, from that point I went to study Accounting in 1984. At that point I went to work on keeping money.

How did this happen, what alter your opinion somewhere around 1982 and 1984?

When I composed my school declaration exams I passed every one of my papers, then JAMB has dependably been JAMB, I was offered Pharmacy rather than Medicine in the University of Benin. I dismisses the offer in light of the fact that I needed Medicine and not Pharmacy. I needed to attempt once more, that was the point at which I went for my “A” levels, confirmation then was not quite the same as what you have today. I have senior kin. My senior sibling then exhorted me to accomplish something else rather than staying at home. He said my mind was to dynamic and lithe to be left torpid. He said I ought to put in for affirmation for some schools as would be prudent. At that point when the outcomes come I can then pick. I did as he let me know, enhancing the courses. It was then I put in for Accounting and different courses in numerous schools. The principal affirmation letter I got was from Yaba College of Technology to study Accountancy. One of my siblings, who was contemplating Accountancy said there was no damage in going. I never did Accounting in optional school, I never saw a record, I was no place close bookkeeping class in auxiliary school. Be that as it may, I chose to do it pending alternate affirmations scale through. The five star I sat through , we were taught Financial Accounting one. The instructor drew a record. Adjusted the credit and charge side of it. it proceeded until the third day. I was puzzled about the course’s straightforwardness. I was inquiring as to whether we were in higher organization. It was not care for my Chemistry where you need to pack the titration recipe. When I returned home and converse with my sibling, he said the eventual fate of world was in saving money. He said the world’s fate in keeping money and that I could consider both at the same time; compose my managing an account exams while as yet concentrating on Accountancy. To me the bookkeeping was easy to the point that I could do it in my fantasies.

So did you graduate in five star?

I didn’t graduate with five star in light of the fact that I was caught up with composing my expert saving money exams. You see I did the expert and the school in the meantime. So that made me have an upper credit that was three focuses underneath qualification. With that, my excursion into managing an account began until I called it quit with saving money.

What was your involvement in saving money?

As an issue of standard I appreciate all that I do. On the off chance that it what requiring my investment I must appreciate it and discover joy in it. I decide to be glad in everything I do. It was diligent work. It was around 1989 and 1990. I was in keeping money when it was amusing to be a broker and up to this point it got to be monotonous. We close right on time before and afterward later shutting late.

Since you are currently an agriculturist how might you look at the two encounters?

I adore it. simply the way I traveled from a decent science understudy into record which I never saw and did well, so likewise is cultivating to me. I like new difficulties, cultivating is a fresh out of the plastic new world. Like I had a ranch on a low scale as a venture when I was working, then it was something one can resign into yet now it is no more little speculation, on the grounds that the more I do it the more it get intriguing and the more I do it. it is another ground that I am becoming acquainted with.

How far has this new pursuit taken you?

At this time I have just 24 plots that I am taking a shot at.

So how do fondle waking in the morning and say yes I am going to cultivate?

That is the reason I call myself that I am a lady of numerous parts. I don’t get up in the morning say what do I do as an agriculturist, despite everything I have a great deal of different things I do. I am still the president of expert ladies financier Association. By the by, whenever I go to chip away at the homestead, I pack like an agriculturist with my; boot, general and gloves. What’s more, work like each different persons. On the off chance that we need to plant or reap I get include. I need to comprehend everything, on the grounds that I didn’t contemplate horticulture, I don’t know much about it. in any case, now that I am into it I attempt to know the much I could think about it. I attempt to know every one of the points of interest to seedling. One point of preference I have is that I bring my administration aptitudes into it. so that I would not be that the subsistence agriculturist who simply burrow, plant and reap without arrangement. Different things you will see me do in the homestead are weeding, cutting vegetables and planting. At that point in creature farming for case the pig I have accumulate in that as well. I now know when you need to discrete pigs from every others. Pigs don’t develop in the meantime. You will see piglets conceived around the same time having distinctive sizes and some becoming quicker than others. In the event that you don’t do as such, you will see them battle or harm themselves all the while. I have never seen such yet that I know. To keep away from such things you need to partitioned them. When you do that, outsiders will likewise battle. To maintain a strategic distance from that likewise you have to place some in control to continually isolate them until they see one another. It is a fresh out of the box new world for me.

From your clarification it seemed as though you when back to class turn into an agriculturist?

As I generally say, if the quality is not in it, I won’t go simple on it. Anything I do I get a kick out of the chance to do it well. It is an individual reasoning. Anything I do no make a difference how little it will be, it must be the best. When I chose to go into agric I began drawing near to individuals who were at that point into it. I made inquiries. I went by the greatest number of homesteads as I could that have the things I am keen on. when I have issues I call them to know how to comprehend it. At that point I read the little I can.

Where do you see your business in the following 10 years?

I generally tell individuals that we have not began. There is a homestead abroad that is focusing to back 100 four-footed creature in six months. It is called Thompsons Farm. We are demonstrating after them. I realize that for every area of four footed creatures they have a huge number of them in the ranch. I see us broadening our coast.