Nigeria’s most rewarding hunting ground

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festac town

FESTAC TOWN:  Nigeria’s most rewarding hunting ground for daring criminals

In 1977 when the then military organization of General Olusegun Obasanjo (rtd) concocted the thought of facilitating the Festival of Arts and Culture (Festac), a domain situated along the Lagos/Badagry road was fabricated to give convenience to the meeting games men and ladies over the globe.

Then again, when the games celebration was over, the Federal Government called for bidders and the home was consequently named after the celebration and got to be known as Festac Town. It was all the more a prestigious home to live in. Its auxiliary feel and quiet environment was satisfying to observe.

On the other hand, all that is currently history as the Festac Town of today is quick swinging to a blemish and home of offenders. The vast majority of the first proprietors have following sold their pads to prepared purchasers, while the sprawling home has changed from being a private group to a business focus. It has to be sure turned into an all comers issue. The powerlessness of government to give satisfactory security to the town made up of effective Nigerians has made it a fruitful ground for equipped theft and other social indecencies.

Back in the days, the highbrow region of Festac was named Cocaine Avenue by occupants because of the great houses and extravagance way of life of the individuals who live in the enclave. In the realm of 419ers, it is trusted that Festac is Nigeria’s base camp of hurray yippee young men as web fraudsters are typically called. Be that as it may, the web’s consideration rats is by all accounts moving quick from wire misrepresentation to seizing and burglary.

Most likely, Festac Town, as of late, has turned into an easy prey for suspected activists who have held Ikorodu territory of Lagos under attack for a considerable length of time unabated. This gathering of solidified lawbreakers situated in the rivers appears to have discovered organization in their people inside Festac town, accordingly making it simple to have unhindered access to the group through a waterway that keeps running over the domain. Examples of their simple access to the domain incorporate that of last Tuesday when the criminals attacked three business banks along fourth street and trucked away a great many naira. They were likewise in charge of the late kidnapping of Mrs. Toyin Nwosu, wife of the Deputy Managing Director of The Sun Publishing Limited, Steve Nwosu.

Another wellspring of stress in the security circle is a syndicate situated in Lagos Island yet at the same time works in Festac Town. They make utilization of some of sumptuous houses in Festac/Amuwo Odofin town as a safehouse. When they strike, they shrewdly move to their homes on the island till the dust goes down. They are said to be in charge of the unending instances of prominent grabbing in Festac Town.

Innumerable passings and kidnapping

In 2012, inhabitants were welcomed by the news of the sudden vanishing of Ms Cynthia Osokogu, just little girl of General Frank Osokogu. Examination concerning that uncovered that Cynthia was choked to death in a lodging at Festac by her attackers, who from there on left with her understudy personality card, telephones and some cash. Report said the lovely and vivacious Cynthia had talked with two students on Facebook for a considerable length of time.

Six persons, among them two college understudies, a drug specialist and a representative of the inn where the 24-year-old post-graduate understudy was killed, were captured and charged to court.

Not left out was the Young’s CEO Shall Grow Motors, Chief Vincent Obianodo, who was assaulted by some shooters on August 27, 2013 on 22 Road in Festac Town, murdering his driver and police escort. He barely got away demise.

The multimillionaire representative was returning home from work when a SUV crossed his vehicle in a desolate range, and some furnished men opened fire on Chief Obianodo’s auto. His systematic, who endeavored to shoot back, was executed; his driver why should attempting getaway was additionally murdered while Chief Obianodo was shot in the arm.

Others were the praised instance of the capture of a 33-year-old man, Kelechi William, who choked his darling, representative Njideka Lizzy Nzewe, on July 19, 2014.

As indicated by reports, the late Njideka, who was to go to the United States of America on July 24, 2014, with her children, had gone to the bank in the organization of Williams to pull back N4 million.

In any case, at around 2.30 am, Williams supposedly tied her hands, choked her and from that point, carried off over N8 million, her telephones and her Range Rover SUV. The case is as yet pending in court.

That episode was without further ado took after by the fierce slaughtering of a moderately aged man by his two senior siblings who from that point, kept his body inside a room in their condo and were offering its parts in bits until they were captured.

Others were an All’s chieftain Progressives Congress (APC), Mr. Shalewa Daramola, who was shot dead likewise in Festac Town. The perished, in his 40s, was executed before the party’s secretariat situated on third Avenue, “K” Close, House 12 Festac Town, where individuals from his gathering were sharing Sallah endowments.

Pretty much as unending instances of homicide and death endeavor proceed with, a few persons have similarly been kidnapped and immense payment paid.

Prior to the appearance of suspected aggressors’ sudden enthusiasm for seizing, a gathering, which has for a considerable length of time, stayed hesitant controls the “business.” All endeavors by the all around facilitated security setting amid the period of Babatunde Fashola as legislative head of Lagos to end their rule of dread fizzled.

Individuals from the syndicate, why should said have roots even among security agents, remain a dread in Festac Town. They discreetly pick their objectives whom they are certain will have the capacity to pay absurd aggregate running from N100 million or more. The individuals who returned alive told their relatives that they were kept in fascinating houses in spite of the fact that the areas are not known. They are accepted to be the same group who snatched an industrialist, James Uduji. His abductors have requested that N220 million be paid for his opportunity.

Criminal forts

Topping the rundown is the seventh Avenue where Saturday Sun accumulated most ruffians pick as a course of departure and conceivable area for their casualties who were abducted. It was in the region that seven advanced rifles having a place with a unidentified criminal group were recuperated as of late. In light of its area which is near the trench, there are some unclaimed plots of arrive on which scoundrels have constructed brief asylum.

“There is have to attack that region and the security’s objective agents is to discover who and who claims every house there and what they accomplish professionally. I additionally live on seventh Avenue however I do as such in trepidation. I have astutely sent all my relatives out of the nation so that I won’t pass on of hypertension. At the very least 10 persons were picked in Festac somewhere around 2014 and 2015. The last one was held down for two months before the family could offer their property in Festac keeping in mind the end goal to raise the payment request.

“The CP ought to match his words with activity by screening each inhabitant in Festac, particularly seventh and sixth Avenues, which are near the trench. I won’t be astounded in the event that you locate the proprietor of Comestar in any of the structures,” one of the occupants said.

Another dark spot is along the 21 Road particularly where the bequest business sector is found. Saturday Sun accumulated that the prevalent Agboju market on that street which serves as a noteworthy business sector amid the day is being changed over to a nook of thieves during the evening. The vast majority of the thieves, who rest under the open slow down around evening time, are said to constitute 80 for every penny of movement burglars along that hub during the evening.

As indicated by Chief Ekekwe, a dealer, who possesses a major shop along that street, their redeeming quality is the vicinity of neighborhood vigilante who watch their shops around evening time. “I figure the police ought to be worn out on striking that region. They are giving a valiant effort, it is only that they continue returning. I have proposed severally that the whole Festac be fenced out with the goal that we can keep away from simple access into the town by rapscallions. At the fifth Avenue near NEPA office, the story is the same. They take a wide range of hard medications there and all NDLEA does is to come and gather and go,” Ekekwe said, sounding sharp.

Proceeding with, he said that group policing can never work if dominant part of the general population living in an objective range are all culprits. “Everything we need is an aggregate screening of occupants in these ranges. You will be stunned that most these young fellows who want to stay at home while their wives go to work are thieves during the evening. You see a wide range of fascinating autos claimed by occupants who have no known wellspring of living. On the off chance that they guarantee that they import autos, where did they get the beginning capital. I was informed that the CP likes to anticipate wrongdoing before it happens”, he included.

Screen all occupants,

group ask

Frightened at the rising instances of kidnappings and different assaults on occupants in the zone by hooligans, more than 200 inhabitants of the group at a meeting attached their marks to a letter sent to the Lagos State Police Commissioner, Mr. Fatai Owoseni, begging him to heighten endeavors at freeing the domain of gangsters, particularly those working with business bikes.

An inhabitants’ portion, who talked with Saturday Sun reporter, asked for that police power ought to screen every one of the occupants in the range. A medicinal specialist just recognized as Seun regretted that he had been assaulted severally by criminals. “Regular, we request that God shield us from these culprits who are living with us in Festac. A large portion of the general population around here don’t have a real wellspring of living, yet they drive the most costly autos. I wish the police will be sufficiently intense to earnestly figure out who and who are living in which compound. You will be stunned that an entire road is comprised of hoodlums. Who among them do you hope to answer to the police for the sake of group policing?”, he asked logically.

An evangelist, Mrs. Nwoke drew the police’s consideration to fifth Avenue where she possesses a congregation. “I have lived in Festac for over 15 years and I can authoritative