Nervousness in Lagos over establishment of new ruler

October 19, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ NEWS and Gossip


THERE is an uneasy quiet in Ogba zone of Lagos, taking after affirmations by the decision family that the state government may be thinking about introducing a ruler outside the crew.

The Ashade Descendants Family of Ogbaland has raised the caution over charged endeavors by a few individuals to usurp an empty illustrious stool and cause a rupture of peace in the state.

While praising endeavors by Lagos State Governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode, to keep the peace in Lagos groups, the family cautioned that it had not yielded the stool of Ologba to any obscure decision house, as it was being supposed.

The family put forth this known in an announcement issued in Lagos amid the week. The announcement was marked by an individual from the family, Prince Bisi Ashade.

The family, in the announcement, noticed that the bona fide chieftaincy revelation of the Ologba of Ogbaland title was in a journal arranged by the priest of chieftaincy undertakings in the old Western Region of Nigeria in 1976. The official journal, it said, “affirmed the arrangement of the late Oba Suberu Babalola Ashade by Lagos State Government, dated August 30, 1997, with beginning on May 10, 1979.”

The family’s announcement peruses partially: “A chieftaincy presentation is similar to the constitution of a nation, managing the general population’s behavior. So it is in our group. After the death of the late Oba Ibrahim Sanni Ashade, the Arolagbade IV, as Ologba of Ogbaland in November 2014, we saw the abnormal.

“Notwithstanding, the Ashade family composed a letter to the Executive Secretary of Agege Local Government on January 13, 2015, advising the gathering of our aim to forward the name of a possibility to fill the empty stool as per the stipulated law of 30 days. It was then that the Chieftaincy’s Secretary Committee at Agege Local Government, demonstrated the secretary of Ashade Royal Family a revelation made in the year 2000, containing three decision houses to be specific: Ashade Ruling House, Idowu Oro Ruling House and Osho Anifowoshe Ruling House all together of revolution.

“The implied affirmation was done covertly without the whole’s learning Ashade Descendants Family. The rise of that assertion with its request of pivot, beside being inaccurate and deluding, thoroughly outrages and disengages the conventional qualities and the strategy for determination to the stool, accordingly provoking us to compose two petitions to the Lagos State Government.

“For the shirking of uncertainty, Ologba stool has ever been by the relatives of Ashade, who are the first proprietors of the area, till date.

“Ashade ruled from 1880-1930 as Bale of Ogba, and was given a Union Jack by the Queen of England, as a sign of honor and acknowledgment by the then pilgrim expert for his commitments to the whole’s advancement Ikeja Division. He was then being paid a stipend of 30 Shillings month to month and given a police post with two cops connected.

“After the death of Baale Ashade, the stool of Ogba has ever been involved by his relatives in this way: Ojelade Ashade from Ebo Aweri Ruling House ruled from 1941-1956 as Bale of Ogba; Suberu Babalola Ashade from Oku Ruling House ruled from 1971 to 1980, as Oba Ologba of Ogba, affirmed by Lagos State Government in a periodical of May 10, 1979; Ibrahim Sanni Ashade ruled from 2001-2014 from Ajayi Ruling House, as the fourth Ologba of Ogba.

“On the off chance that it is all around saw, there had been a few holes of opportunities in the middle of the times of one ruler on the throne to another, never has any family in Ogbaland filled the hole, on the grounds that the empty stool was a legacy of the relatives of Ashade group of Ogbaland.”

The family noticed that it got an odd reaction to its letter of January13, 2015 that was sent to the Executive Secretary of Agege Local Government.

Said Prince Ashade: “As a sort of reaction to our letter, dated January 13, 2015, and got by the Executive Secretary of Agege Local Government, shockingly, there was a distribution from the Executive’s workplace Secretary dated March 17, 2015 welcoming individuals who may be keen on possessing the stool of Ologba of Ogba. The substance of this unusual open notification is absolutely against the long-standing traditions and convention of how we show contender to fill the stool of Ologba of Ogbaland. Having tested people in general notification, we were then given an affirmation that is outsider to Ogba group and obscure to the Ashade family, likewise to our custom. Taking into account this improvement, the Ashade Descendants Family organized a court activity, testing the legitimacy and lawfulness of the announcement, dated May 22, 2000. The case is in a matter of seconds pending in the Ikeja Division of Lagos High Court.”

The family said it was excruciating that the Ashade Descendants had been subjected to unfairness in the past by the powers. “Going through a world of fond memories, it is acclaimed that this is not the first occasion when that Ashade Royal Family would be swindled,” the announcement educated. “The late Baale Ashade was a companion to the late Herbert Macaulay of favored memory, who was then leader of the NCNC that was a restriction gathering to the administration of Western Region of Nigeria. Because of that relationship, a non-indigene was delegated as First Class Oba of Agege Kingdom in 1953. The said kingdom really framed some portion of the area zone, fitting in with the Ashade Family.

“Moreover, the then Western Region Government mandatorily obtained a huge piece of Ogbaland, as a modern bequest to obstruct improvement and forbid Ogba individuals from growing their region. That was a political move. Presently, it is the ideal opportunity for the relatives of Ashade Family to recover their power over the place that is known for their ancestors in light of the fact that the responsibility for is likewise the rulership of same. It is he who possesses the area that claims the crown along authentic realities.”

The family said it was sending an in number speak to the Lagos State Government, under the authority of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode, to reliably investigate the matter.

“We encourage him to put a hold to this ridiculous conspiring, which may smash the relative peace in Ogba group. The two alleged governing houses, none of which is known not, have never been landowners in Ogba. They have never been illustrious families in Ogbaland nor are they relatives of the Ashade crew.

“The stool of Ologba of Ogbaland is a legacy stool subsequent to 1834 and it must be possessed by the relatives of Ashade,” the announcement included.