Nigeria and Brazil bilateral trade hit $10.8bn

October 19, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Business News


THE President, Nigerian Association of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (NACCIMA), Chief Bassey Edem, has said that the volume of two-sided exchange in the middle of Nige­ria and Brazil has hit $10.8 billion.

Edem, who uncovered this at a busi­ness gathering sorted out by the Nigerian-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NBCCI) held as of late in La­gos, said that the purpose behind the high volume of exchange between the two coun­tries was the solid shared understand­ing in the middle of Nigeria and Brazil.

He expressed that Nigeria imports a considerable measure of agrarian items, strong minerals and vitality assets, while the ma­jor fare of Nigeria is raw petroleum. He communicated trust in the positive reaction and ability by Brazilian organizations to join forces with Nigerian organizations.

He clarified that the exceptional chal­lenges of Nigerian business and in­vestment environment, similar to some other creating economies on the planet, have enhanced immensely with various open doors in agribusiness, fabricating, strong mineral, oil and gas, tourism, force and telecommuni­cation.

He in this way approached the meeting Brazilian firms to exploit the current impetuses and go into long haul business association with their Nigerian partners.

Additionally talking at the occasion, the Ni­gerian Ambassador to Brazil, Adamu Emozozo, said the visit was in light of the Federal Government outside in­vestment drive, which was intended to fortify financial development and employment creation.

Emozozo noticed that there was have to adjust the hole as it favored Bra­zil more than Nigeria. He additionally told the meeting firms that Nigeria is interested in interest in agribusiness, with every part having its motivators to pull in remote direct speculation.

Talking in the same vein, the Presi­dent of NBCCI, Mr. Emmanuel Ibru, said that the private area holds the way to business and mechanical development of the country.

“I see private area administrators as solid accomplices in the financial trans­formation of the general public and I ask the neighborhood and worldwide speculators to ex­ploit the great assets of Nigeria,” he said.

He said that Nigeria was heavily en­dowed with both natural and human resources waiting to be tapped.