No plot against Governor Abubakar

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Damina Abubakar

No plot against Gov Abubakar – Damina, Bauchi Speaker

HON. Kawuwa Shehu Damina, speaking to Darazo Constituency, is the Speaker of Bauchi State House of As­sembly. A previous Chairman of Darazo Local Government Area, Damina, in this inter­view prevents bits of gossip from claiming a crack between the Assembly and Gov Mohammed Abubakar . He demanded that the affirmed plot to impugn the Governor was a lie .

There are theories that the House of Assembly is miserable with a few ac­tions taken by the state gov­ernor since his presumption of office and thusly may be considering impeach­ment procedures against him ?

As the guard dog of the general public, you is in a position to know reality . I don’t know where every one of these bits of gossip are originating from. The House and the official appreciates a welcoming relationship .

There is that shared re­spect, we attempt to regard one another. Everyone is acting inside of the law’s ambit. We know our restrictions, they just as do. So we attempt to pass by the tenets.

I am certain you have sources more than I have. In the event that that theory is genuine, you know the get together will welcome you and let you know . Aside from that, if such thing is hap­pening, our individuals would say it to your listening to .

We have declined to com­ment on such gossip and the official has likewise declined to remark on it on the grounds that there is no premise for that . It is un­founded. They are all specula­tions. I don’t know how they occurred it and that is the reason we have not thought to com­ment about it. This is the first occasion when I am remarking on it authoritatively.

What is postponing the rundown’s sub­mission of nomi­nees for chiefs to the House ?

You go and ask the gover­nor. it is not our responsibil­ity. Our obligation is whether he chooses and sends a rundown to us, we will screen and affirm.

Are you additionally releasing the gossip that the Gover­nor has not sent the chosen people’s rundown in light of the fact that he is not very beyond any doubt of how the house will handle the rundown, that he needs to repair wall with house first ?

In the event that you will trust me as a Speaker, I am talking before you and God that we don’t have any issue with the official. In the event that we have, we won’t shroud it. We will let you know, in light of the fact that it is not about me, not about his identity but rather it is about the govern­ment and the general population and we are here for them. In this way, on the off chance that it is for them, we can go to any degree to battle, if the choice is to battle. However, it is not really. To the extent I am concerned he is taking as much time as is needed. Indeed, even the President has quite recently sent in his own particular as of late.

We are all living witnesses to the decay he acquired. He made implication to that in his inaugural discourse. So any sensible individual needs to take as much time as necessary; in light of the fact that notwithstanding anything, on the off chance that you need to name chiefs, you need to give them in any event the logistics to try and move the workplace. The Governor needs to set aside his opportunity to make the wisest decision.

We have quite recently completed the process of bat­tling with the issue of pay. In this way, on the off chance that we have an accumulation of compensations, why delegating new individuals.

Indeed, even here in the Assembly, we are clutching sure things. We are making a few penances on the grounds that we comprehend what the circumstance is similar to.

Aside from the main officers, the official vehicles of administrators are yet to get to them. This is one of the penances I discussed. To the extent I am concerned, we don’t have any issue with the official.

What about the claimed unpretentious fight between the authoritative and the execu­tive over the Governor’s choice to secure a credit without the House’s support?

I don’t think about it and it is not genuine. On the off chance that the entire inter­view is about the association with the official, I think we ought to stop right now. I am letting you know as the Speaker, as an honorable man, that we don’t have any issue, however you are as yet demanding a fanciful issue . The two arms are working unconditionally. There is no crack; no misconception. The individuals who are selling such gossip know where they are getting it from and what they expect to accomplish with it.

What is your assessment on the gauge of the pastoral chosen people as of now being screened by the Senate?

To the extent I am con­cerned, the constitution is sure about the control of any office and I am certain Mr President, passing by his age and experience needs the best for the nation. He comprehends what he is doing. The rundown is comprised of technocrats; most Nigerians are fulfilled by the candidates’ qualifications.

What is your motivation for your voting public?

I am a grass root politi­cian and pioneer. I began as a councilor and rose to this level. I generally have my kin on a basic level. I have as of now begun acting not in my ability as a speaker but rather in my ability as an administrator speaking to my supporters.

As I am identifying with you now as a component of my constituen­cy commitment, I have done as such much. I can tally around eight activities so far on ground. We have a town called Gabar.

I have actuated their water plan which was ignored for a long time. So likewise Lago,a town before Kari, their water plan is not working; after the surge in Kunkiyel, the significant duct prompting range was harmed. I had the capacity restore them. In Yautara, I have satisfied the crusade guarantee I made to them. What’s more, at administrative level, dur­ing one of the surges, from Darazo to Basel was going to be cut off, we griped to the legislature and there was a quick mediation and the general population from the service of works are on ground at Darazo Dapchiri street at this time.

How would you think the counter defilement war can best be indicted?

You are a Nigerian, all the administration, even in military administrations, one of the cardinal guarantees they made was the issue of battling defilement. This defilement issue is not about making laws but rather imple­menting the laws as of now on ground. We have the important laws and the offices. Everything we need is a decent pioneer for the nation. You are a writer, in the event that you do your work, as it ought to be done, if the police, EFCC, ICPC, what Mr President argued will be accomplished.

It is an aggregate responsi­bility, not around a pioneer, a governing body or president. Everything we need is attitudinal change. As a matter of first importance we must be com­mitted that we truly require this change. Nigerians are great adherents. In the event that we have a decent pioneer 70 to 80 for each penny of the issue will be settled. In any event we are currently getting a charge out of at the very least 18 hours of electric­ity ordinary today without putting a kobo. We are all living witness when billions of naira and dollars were pumped into the force segment before we were not ready to reach 3000 megawatts . However, we have seen, inside of the most recent couple of months without a solitary kobo , things changing .

Every single other area, the ICPC, EFCC have begun confiscat­ing illicit riches. Everything we need is the political will and duty. Something else we need is attitudinal change on the grounds that legislature alone can’t do it.

Be that as it may, I guarantee you,as assem­bly and as pioneers we will attempt to live by sample and we have officially expressed it. Some portion of the penance as I said before on even our individuals we are get­ting to four months no official vehicle. We have made that relinquish on the grounds that it is bad while we are crying no cash we are living luxurious way of life . We need to live by ex­ample. I guarantee you from now till the end of my residency as a speaker, through the extraordinary effortlessness of God, I will direct my individuals, I will control the staff to plug each proviso of debasement . We will attempt to make the wisest decision and we will make the right decision to people as their entitlements.