Govt asked to team up with NGOs on poverty alleviation for youths

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Govt asked to team up with NGOs on poverty alleviation for youths

THE Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Youths and Social Development, Lagos State, Mr. Hakeem Muri-Okunola, has approached Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to team up with government on youth empow­erment and neediness easing.

Deciding amid the graduation service of young people who took an interest in the abilities procurement project of Community Advancement and Youth Empowerment Network (CAYEN), in Lagos, Muri-Okunola, who was rep­resented by Mr. Lanre Rufai, said NGOs ought to be encour­aged to get included in youth strengthening projects on the grounds that administration alone can’t cook for the more than 60 for each penny of youth populace.

He expressed: “At the Ministry of Youths and Social Develop­ment, we give opportuni­ties to the young people by enhanc­ing their aptitudes and capacities so they can accomplish what they plan to accomplish in life.

In any case, on the off chance that you take a gander at the number of inhabitants in young people of this nation, whatever we are do­ing at our end is only a tip of the chunk of ice; a drop in the sea. Hence, we support col­laboration. We urge NGOs to likewise get included in sorting out projects like this.”

Prompting the members, he encouraged them to put the learning they have obtained from the 10-day system to productive use, expressing that al­lowing such information to waste would add up to wast­ing chances of having different floods of salary and bettering their lives.

He further said, “what you are presented to is an opportuni­ty the more established era did not have. You have been empow­ered and you have to go far­ther than that. You have been given a few tips that will help you in life. It is left for you to guarantee that you get focused on whatever you are doing in life. That is the mystery of suc­cess.”

Recognizing the organis­ers, Muri-Okunola encouraged them to reproduce the project in different groups of the state to empower young people in those ranges advantage.

Talking at the occasion, the Founder and Project Leader of CAYEN, Mrs. Aderonke Akinola-Akinwole, indicated that the NGO is centered around “engaging so as to propel the groups inside of Nigeria, teaching and enabling individuals from the group, especially the youngsters, for significance and value.”

Mrs. Akinola-Akinwole said the skills acquisition programme is aimed at con­tributing to the economic de­velopment of the country “by building and raising youths that are highly skilled with strong entrepreneurial mind­set, a can-do spirit and love for community service.