Panacea for tourism development

October 22, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ NEWS and Gossip


Art: Panacea for tourism development, says Kalu

Previous governor of Abia State and famous specialist, Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu, has praised coordinators of Art of Friendship exhibi­tion, on endeavors to concrete the obligation of kinship be­tween taking an interest countries.

Talking at the opening function of the show held at the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) presentation structure, Abuja, Kalu de­scribed craftsmanship as panacea for tourism advancement as it mirrors ‘an individuals’ history, traditions and qualities’.

The Art of Friendship Exhibition is an activity of the National Art Gal­lery and Federal Ministry of Tourism in conjunc­tion with nations like the People’s Republic of China, Czech Republic, Germany and South Korea.

The extremely rich person additionally de­scribed the display as a platform where the interac­tion between benevolent na­tions “is taken past the level of insignificant talk to a useful showing of ties that tie and the genuine embodiment of fellowship.

“Today, we are being transported from Africa to Europe and Asia through the kaleidoscope of craftsmanship pieces that will doubtlessly open the fortune trove of numerous eras of cul­ture, history and convention and stir us to magnificence of the world we live in. The social dialog between the five nations whose works are on show today is a resonant mixture that is certain to be relieving in the wake of a monotonous day at work.

“As a beau of workmanship and society, I am here to live it up in the feel of reviving innovative flavor, which no one but craftsmanship can offer. I am, for sure, arranged to take in new things from the particular social perspec­tives and innovative impera­tives from China, from the Czech Republic, from Ger­many and from South Ko­rea. I need to immediately live in expressions of the human experience and culture of these awesome countries. At the end of the day, I need to remain on Nigerian soil, peep around and see the diver­gent components implanted in the way of life of Europe, Asia and Africa.

“Craftsmanship, similar to football, an­other extraordinary affection for mine, is a bringing together constrain that cuts over all political, social, monetary, social, reli­gious and ethnic partitions,” Kalu expressed.

Communicating his savor the experience of the presentation, which is third in the arrangement, Kalu asked the coordinators to sus­tain the thought “with the expectation that it will attract more countries.”