Radio Biafra executive petitions Amnesty

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Radio Biafra executive petitions Amnesty

INDIGENOUS people of Biafra has, for the benefit of director of Radio Biafra, dispatched request to Am­nesty International over the capture and confinement of Mr. Nnamdi Kanu.

This is coming during a period when Imo State Governor and Chairman of All Pro­gressives Congress (APC) Governors’ Forum, Rochas Okorocha said Nigeria’s solidarity is not debatable.

It was accumulated that IPOB presented the peti­tion at the India office of acquittal International.

In the interim, Okorocha, while censuring challenge over Kanu’s capture main­tained that the solidarity of the Nigeria is not debatable, focused on that the fomentation for Biafra was diversion­ary.

Okorocha said the pro­tests were profoundly regretta­ble “particularly when it was clear that such vicious pro­tests for the sake of Biafra would not enhance the improvement of the South-East and the advancement of the general population of the territory.

“Governors and pioneers of the South-East censure the challenges, particularly when they were done for the sake of Biafra. On the off chance that a segment of the general population in the South-East or even the entire individuals in the geo-po­litical zone dissent over the terrible state of government streets or challenge over aggregate negli­gence of the geo-political zone, each senator and pioneer in the territory would bolster that however not to pro­test over an issue that is nei­ther here nor there.

“The South-East is an essential piece of Nigeria and the governors and lead­ers from the zone such a great amount of have faith in the solidarity of the nation and would dependably work towards supporting that solidarity. To the extent the gov­ernors and pioneers of the South-East are concerned, those behind the battle for Biafra have their ulterior thought process, which has nothing to do with corporate inter­est of Ndi-Igbo in Nigeria of our aggregate dream,” Okorocha said.

Okorocha, approached those behind the challenges on the premise of Biafra to give peace a chance.