Bomb blasts kill 61 in Yola mosques

October 24, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ NEWS and Gossip



Blood dribbled yesterday in the old towns of Mai­duguri, the Borno State capital, and Yola, Ad­amawa State capital, as bombers suspected to be members of Boko Haram sent over 60 persons to their early graves.

It began in Maiduguri, where a male suicide bomber kept running into a mosque in occupied region of the city and deto­nated unstable gadgets, which executed no less than 11 admirers.

Inhabitants of Jidari-Polo region of Maiduguri said they were woken up by an uproarious sound from a bomb explo­sion from a mosque in the early hours of Friday, bringing on frenzy among the general population in the region. The photo got to be clearer couple of minutes after the fact when they found that bomb impact by a sus­pected Boko Haram suicide bomber has killed some and harmed a large portion of the admirers in the mosque, a resi­dent, Jonas Ibrahim told Saturday Sun.

Upper east Zone Coordinator of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), Alhaji Mohammed Kanar while affirming the episode said six individuals including the suicide bomber were executed in the impact. A source at the Borno State Specialists Hospital likewise affirmed six dead bod­ies were brought into the morgue. The source however said three out of the four fundamentally harmed persons later kicked the bucket.

Representative of the young vigilante bunch, Civilian JTF, Bar Jubrin Gum­da additionally said 11 cadavers were cleared from the scene by a joined group of police, military faculty and salvage specialists including his individuals.

A salvage specialist and two occupants of the zone who did not need their names in print however told Saturday Sun the setback is as high as 22, asserting that a few relations got the bodies of their perished families when departure started. “A few individuals chose to pick the bodies of their cherished one when they identi­fied them,” said one of the inhabitants, a case Saturday Sun freely couldn’t confirmed as at press time.

The Jidari mosque suicide assault came scarcely a week after comparable bomb assaults on two mosques in Molai, out­skirts of the downtown area slaughtered 24 peo­ple, and powering theories among occupants that Boko Haram planes may have penetrated the city.

In the same vein, bomb impacts dur­ing Jumma’t request to God in another mosque in the well known Jambutu, a settlement in Yola, guaranteed more than 50 lives ,while many admirers were hospitalized at the Federal Medical Center Yola and Specialist Hospital in the capital city.

In spite of the fact that, there have been conflict­ing figures from different portions of the general public, in light of reports from the social specialists and non legislative associations that thronged the scene of the episode.

The state Commissioner of Police, CP Gabriel Adaji, who went to the scene declined to give the dead toll to Saturday Sun, however observers said somewhere around 50 and 60 persons were killed by the impacts

The Coordinator of National Emer­gency Management Agency (NEMA), in the state, Alhaji Sa’ad Bello, dis­closed that 27 casualties of the impact passed on while 96 hospitalized.

Then again, onlookers told Satur­day Sun that more than 50 persons compelling have been killed in the blast, as the Specialist Hospital and the Federal Medical Center, in Yola, were receiv­ing dead bodies in their morgues, while therapeutic faculty were attend­ing to casualties ,which they depicted as, “uncommon bomb impact.”

One of the onlookers, who lives in the IDP camp, which is around 100 meters far from the impact site ob­served that the setback figure was higher than the apparent figure al­leged.

Examination by our columnist , indi­cated that the harmed were accepting therapeutic consideration at the Federal Medi­cal Center Yola and the state master doctor’s facility.

Governor Mohammed Umaru Ji­brilla Bindow was one of the early sympathizers to the site and expressed dismay over the attacks.