The Benefits of Patience

October 28, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Articles of the Day

Isn’t it difficult to watch everyone make progress while it looks like your life is at a standstill? It can be quite frustrating. I know because I have been there myself. You never realise how important patience is until you get to the point where it seems as if your dreams will never come true.

Right from when I was a kid, things went smoothly for me. I went through primary school without a hitch and secondary school was similar, except for the first exam that I failed. But I bounced back and I entered university with great confidence. University was great; until my final year that is. My final year was a game changer in my life. It was the point where my dreams began to look blurry. I was faced with the possibility of not graduating with my peers. It was the time when I had to learn how to hold on to God’s word despite the fact that all the things I saw around me just negated that word.

God saw me through that phase but things didn’t get better. Before I got into school, I had a plan and this was how things were meant to happen; finish my law degree, get into law school, complete Master’s, get NYSC done, get a great job and start my multi-million naira business. Great plan right? I thought it was too, but that’s not how things worked out for me. Shortly before I finished law school, I got admitted into one of the prestigious universities in the UK to obtain a Master’s degree but it all came to a halt one month into the programme. No money. No hope for money to come from anywhere. The months after that were filled with uncertainty. I didn’t have a job. I hadn’t yet done NYSC and the family finances hadn’t yet improved. Worse was seeing my peers progress while I was barely scrapping by.

This was almost three years ago and do you know what? I survived. It wasn’t easy. I struggled with my self-confidence. I was ashamed of my change in social status. The streets I used to be driven on, I was now walking on them, hopping from bus to bus. What helped me to keep it all together? It was the word of God. I also had to learn to focus on my own race. You have your dreams but only God knows how long it will take to become a reality. The fact that your close friend made it in two years does not mean that you will make it in two years too. Your dreams may take longer to achieve or they may take a shorter time. Whichever one it is, you have to learn to walk step by step with God and remain focused on where you are going.

The fact that you have not made it now does not mean that you will never make it. With the right things in place, you will always move forward. Enjoy the journey. Learn the things you need to learn. Develop yourself. Even those peers who seem to be far ahead of you, learn what you can from them. But never ever think that you will not be successful. Don’t feel the need to cut corners just to speed up the process. Your time will definitely come. Just be patient. God will bring you to your expected end.

About the Writer: Adedoyin Jaiyesimi is a Writer, Media Content Creator and Brand Manager. The various publications she has written for include Y! Magazine (now Y! Africa), Discovery, Pride Magazine Nigeria, Butterscotch magazine amongst others. She currently holds the position of Brand Communications Manager at Victor Adeyemi Ministries and she is also the founder of LRouge Media, an editorial and brand consultancy company which provides content writing and editing services for business websites, magazines and blogs. When she is not creating content, you can find her in church doing the work of her Father. She tweets @msdoyeen and blogs at