We’ll bolster Buhari to recover looted funds

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Mr. Ingo Herbert, the new German Consul has just as­sumed duties to oversee con­sular activities at the German consulate in Lagos, Nigeria. One of the promises he brought from his home gov­ernment is to support every effort the Muhammadu Buhari administration is making to stop corruption and recover looted funds kept in any German bank. He also assured Nigerians that those ap­plying for visa will receive fair and de­cent handling of their visa applications.

Herbert who appeared to be delighted on what he has seen on the streets of Lagos in his quest to discover the city, and the friend­liness of Nigerians.

In this interview with VERA WIS­DOM-BASSEY in Lagos, Mr.Herbert who is just five weeks in the country, also prom­ised Germany will support Nigeria’s fight against terrorism. Excerpts…

Welcome to Nigeria

Thank you

How long have you been in Nige­ria?

I’ve been in Nigeria for five weeks

That’s interesting

I keep discovering.

For these five weeks, how do you see Nigeria, compared to Germany?

I have been in the Republic of Germany and Nigeria. For Nigeria, it’s been mean­ingful, it’s a large country with different people. As I said, it’s like the Federal Re­public of Germany with different people of Southern Germany and Northern Germa­ny. But I must say that I find people here very open, very friendly and very positive to new comers, very open to people from other countries. I don’t feel like a stranger, here in Lagos because a lot of people will like to talk to you, approach you and that makes the beginning I would say a smooth landing, although Lagos is a city that is not easy to understand, with its different areas.

There is terrorism all over the world, what effort is Germany mak­ing to join the global fight against terror?

Germany is supporting many initia­tives, it depends on which framework Eu­rope is using. As European Union, we are part of it. For example in Mali, there is a co­alition of the UN. We also see that we took two sides and one side is really the fight by the police or military and the other side is to look on what are the reasons for terrorism and that means we try to support under-de­veloped countries through education, health care, and also provide jobs for them.

Nigeria has been trying to battle corruption and corrupt leaders, in what way is your country helping so that looted funds are recovered and returned?

We support the new policy that the pres­ident has made to fight corruption. What­ever Germany can do, Germany will assist.

Is there any specific effort your country is making to return looted funds?

As far as I see it, we are not into tracking files, but we support the G7 frame work, and others through the help of police and we are ready to assist Nigeria to recover looted funds.

How would you ensure that Nige­rians get visas to Germany without stress?

We will provide good service, to all visa applicants and I would like my very com­petent staff to guarantee decent handling of the visa issues.

What messages do you have for Nigeria and corrupt politicians who lodge looted money in Germa­ny?

It’s not my task to educate or give them a message on what they should do, but any step they take to mitigate corruption, we will support them, to make sure corruption is totally eradicated.

Source: Sun news