How to Make This Week Better Than Last Week

November 6, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Articles of the Day


Better Than Before

If you are old enough to read this, you have had several “new weeks” or have you?

Is every week really “new” for you or is it just last week with new dates?

Are you in a repetitive cycle of predictable patterns?

Are you stuck in drudgery?

Here are a few points you could use to make each new week unique and more productive.

I hope you find them useful.

1. Become Better

It’s easy to apportion blame to others when things don’t turn out as smoothly as we want.

For example, as a speaker, I could easily say “Those guys are just not responsive” anytime I feel my audience didn’t connect with my message. That may be true but I should also assess my presentation and receive feedback so that I can grow and become better at what I do. Realize that this week is merely a timezone in which you have the opportunity to express yourself. To maximize every week, you need to grow and your growth is primarily your personal responsibility.

You don’t have to take a giant leap every week but ensure that you take a few steps in the right direction. The truth is that it’s little steps that eventually lead to a giant leap. 2 percent improvement of any skill you currently possess will make you twice as good as you are now within the next 50 weeks. It means, a year from now, you could be twice as good a speaker, leader, pastor, mother, father, coach, inventor, doctor, engineer, mailman, teacher, carpenter as you are now.

2. Relate With This Week On Its Own Merit

Understand that this week can be truly new. The fact that your boss was displeased with you last week doesn’t mean he will be upset with you this week.

The fact that things didn’t go according to your plan last week doesn’t mean you should expect the worst this week. No doubt, this week will present it’s twists and turns, its challenges, its surprises; but you shouldn’t approach it with the que sera sera (what will be will be) attitude. We all face the huge temptation of carrying baggage over from the previous week and many of us yield to that temptation. Carrying over baggage will only weigh you down and impede your progress.

It is important to avoid that. Imagine walking through a muddy road and walking into your house stepping all over your white rug with your muddied feet.

You’d leave imprints all over the place. That’s what happens when you carry over the disappointments and heartbreaks of the previous week into the new one.You keep leaving negative prints through your actions and conversations.

3. Learn From The Mistakes of Last Week

Life is a continuum. Real progress is often premised on what you make of your previous experiences. High achievers are always learning… always building… always growing. One of the ways to learn is to consider what you could do differently. Don’t live in denial like many others. Be brutally honest with yourself and acknowledge your mistakes. That requires humility but it pays off. Living in denial won’t help but facing up to the facts will.

Use the lessons from the mistakes of the past as strong stakes with which you can build for the future. Wisdom doesn’t always come with age. Wisdom comes by seeking, finding and applying the principles that make life work. We all make mistakes but having the patience and humility to learn from our mistakes is what puts us ahead of others.

4. Surround Yourself With Super-Achievers

In most environments, you have different kinds of people. You have those who are complacent and contained but you also have those brimming with energy- fired up, ready to take on new tasks and conquer new territories. You can build greater momentum by tapping into the force field of those super-achievers. It’s nothing spooky  It’s a law of life. If you want to stay warm, stay close to the fire. Energy flows. Stay connected to the right channels so you can have a constant flow of energy through your life. Jesus told the disciples to stay in the Upper Room- to wait until they received the outpouring of Power. They had to be at a particular place- with a specific group of people.

Don’t hang around chickens if you want to fly high. Look for the eagles! The eagles will help you access new regions… new zones… new territories. Please note that no matter how much you have seen, there’s more to see. No matter how far you’ve come, you can go further and no matter how well you’ve done, you can do better. There are people around you today who can help you achieve a whole lot more in a lot less time.

5. Have Clearly Defined Goals and Objectives

Most people start every week the same way- without clear objectives and well-written goals. They run on an automated system of response and reaction. They simply maintain a cycle of work, work, work. They rarely take out time to initiate. In essence, they are not in control of their lives. They are controlled by circumstances and other people’s agendas. Weeks quickly turn into months. Months quickly turn into years and years turn into a whole lifetime of reacting- to things and people. You can break that cycle by initiating, not just reacting or responding. Develop a habit I picked up from my dad as a little boy- write down your goals… Weekly… Infact, daily. When you don’t have specific goals, you will waste time rather than invest it.

Goals help to galvanize commitment. It is difficult to get help when you don’t have a clear picture of what you intend to achieve. Goals help you measure your progress. When there are no goals, it’s difficult to have an accurate assessment of your effectiveness and impact. Set goals and do all you can to achieve them.

6. Be Productive Not Just Active

The keyword in “productive” is “product”. From today, see yourself as a CREATOR not just a CONSUMER. You are created in God’s image and after His likeness. One of the first characteristics of God is CREATIVITY. His creative ability is hardwired into you and the closer you get to Him, the more you’ll be able to discover that ability. You can create books, images, pictures, organisations. You can bring good things into existence by combining your inner resources with material substances around you. For instance, I’ve created this article by channelling inspiration and information (inner resources) through my computer (material substance).

It’s good to be active but it’s better to channel your energies toward a beneficial outcome. At different times in the course of every week, ask yourself “How is what I’m doing right now moving me toward the creation or improvement of a product, service or organisation?” You’d be surprised at how much more deliberate and productive you’ll become. Make this a challenge- try it for a week and let me know how it works out.

7. Put God First

It’s somewhat ironic that I put this point about “Putting God First” last. I want you to remember it. God was here before we got here. He will be here long after we leave here. He knows your thoughts before they form in your head. He knows your history and your destiny. He knows your fears, lusts and weaknesses. He knows your desires and expectations. He knows your colleagues, business partners and customers and you can trust Him. When you put Him first, He places you on platforms you may never be able to reach otherwise. He doesn’t judge you because of your errors and flaws. He loves you regardless.

You can trust Him with your schedules and plans. Present your goals to Him… daily… weekly.

Start everyday by praying. It doesn’t have to be a high-powered, acrobatic display. In the privacy of your heart, in your bedroom, your study or office- talk with God. King Solomon of ancient Israel said “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path.

These are seven things you can begin to do weekly. Don’t keep this to yourself. Share this link with somebody- your husband, wife, son, daughter, cousin, colleague, partner, leader or customer.


Damilola Oluwatoyinbo is a blend of gifts and grace. He is a dynamic speaker, inspirational writer, spiritual shepherd, youth leader, infopreneur and blogger. He believes that global domination starts with personal transformation. The principles of personal transformation which he delivers in a creative and captivating oratorical style continue to empower thousands of people to find and fulfill their purpose in life. His blog, attracts thousands of readers from over sixty countries. He currently lives in London, England.