How to Make Plantain Moi Moi

November 14, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Articles of the Day


Have you heard of Plantain moi moi?

Also known as Ukpo Ogede, it is a delicious Nigerian dish prepared with overripe platains. It’s easy to make and saves you money – you don’t have to throw away plantain when it gets too ripe.

Here is how to cook Plantain Moi Moi:


2 pcs of overripe plantain

100g plantain flour

1-2 cooking spoons of palm oil

1 teaspoon ground crayfish

1 onion

Pepper and Salt (to taste)

1 Knorr cube

Cool water


Uma leaves

Aluminium foil



Prepare a plantain flour batter with water till you get a medium consistency

Blend the selected overripe plantain with onions, pepper, crayfish and stock cubes.

Stir in the prepared plantain flour batter and blend.

Pour in the mixture into a bowl and mix in spoonfuls of palm oil. Also include some salt to taste.

Leave some water in a pot to boil and place a base for the Plantain Moi Moi wraps into the pot e.g. the aluminium foil scraps.

Put the blended mix into uma leaves as you would for beans moi moi. Then place wraps in the boiling water pot and leave to cook for 20-25 minutes.

Leave to cool down completely and set before serving.

Your moi moi is ready to serve with akamu, custard or oat meal.

Source: All Nigerian Recipes