8 Tips to Prevent Robbery

November 10, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Articles of the Day

We have been told of an extremely aggravating pattern.

Looters now utilize one-chance transports to victimize individuals and experience their telephones to check for bank alarms. At that point they will lead the casualty to an ATM and constrain them to pull back or exchange to their record at firearm point.

Sometimes, outfitted burglars visit ATMs on Friday nighttimes in order to strongly gather the ATM cards and PINs of clients.

They will likely pull back in any event the bank ATM withdrawal point of confinement of N100,000 day by day between that Friday, and Sunday.

They know greater part of Nigerians don’t have the telephone quantities of their Account Officers or any staff in their bank and in that capacity can’t ring have their ATM card obstructed by the bank until 7 a.m. on Monday morning when banks resume.

To stay safe, please take after the accompanying security tips:

1. Erase or incapacitate all bank SMS or email alarms in your telephones.

2. Minimize the quantity of ATM cards you convey. Convey only one ideally with low money parity.

3. Be extremely aware of any business transport you enter particularly around evening time.

4. Profit applications on your telephones are well covered up. Looters could experience your telephones and drive you to exchange all your cash to theirs by means of your versatile cash application.

5. Withdrawal by means of ATMs ought to be done most recent Friday evening when banks are still open. Additionally have the telephone number of no less than one staff part in your bank.

6. Abstain from pulling back trade on weekends particularly out desolate and generally less secure situations.

7. On the off chance that sadly you fall casualty, kindly don’t give them a fake ATM PIN. Individuals have been shot on account of this. Your life is more important than cash.

8. Be extremely pious and focused on God. Unless the Lord watches over a city, the guards watch futile so stay concentrated on the genuine defender, God.