8 Rules For a Successful Relationship

December 12, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Articles of the Day


To get the best from a relationship, we need to understand the rules surrounding it. It is one thing to get attracted to someone, and another to love the person but the most important thing is sustaining it. Here are a few tips to help you keep your relationship fresh and happy:


1. Make your partner your bestfriend

Love is important but can fade away while friendship lasts forever. l have seen love fade away in relationships and things never got back to being the same. l have also seen best friends disagree, fight and come back to being friends again. Apply that friendship to your relationship and your relationship will last long.

2. Have Integrity

When you are a responsible and decent person, your partner will find it easier to trust you and the relationship will stand a better chance of overcoming challenges.

3. Respect

Respect is reciprocal, so always act in ways that respect your partner and he/she would always maintain respect for you.

4. Learn how to manage your differences

Disagreements/conflicts shouldn’t end a relationship but strengthen it. Learn how to handle anger, jealousy and other negative feelings that are unavoidable because of the differences between two people.

5. Spend time with each other and communicate

Spend time with each other because that’s the only way you can know each other better. In its absence, people drift apart and all of a sudden become strangers to each other. If you don’t like or understand something your partner is doing, talk about it and find out why he/she is doing it. Don’t just assume because you could be wrong. Try as much as possible to talk issues through.

6. Become a team

This is when two unique individuals with different perspectives and strengths come together to become one.

7. Be clear about your needs

A relationship is not a guessing game. Be clear about your needs and ensure you support/encourage your partner to meet them. Also make efforts to meet your partner’s emotional needs.

8. Be willing to apologize when wrong

Anyone can make a mistake but the willingness to make up after an argument is important in every happy relationship.



About the Writer: Adeosun Rasaq is a young Nigerian who believes in God, family and relationships. Contact him via email: or follow him on twitter @adex_razzy