Step by step instructions to Keep Your Man

December 12, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Articles of the Day


Welcome back to “How to Keep Your Man”.

Back to the matter, keeping a Nigerian man in a way really depends on the the environment, the culture and of course the Nigerian mentality. A lot is expected from a wife or the girlfriend besides finance. A lady’s role is well appreciated and should be compensated by her man in order to encourage her to do more.

Rounding up, here are the remaining tips for you ladies to try and adhere to:

Study: I’m not talking about studying books here but on second thought, your man could be your book if you wish. Anyway, different men with their distinct behaviour have many ways of addressing issues. Your man’s background is very important. If he believes that a man is to have all the say in a relationship, then its simply because that’s how it worked for his parents growing up, or something triggered such a belief.

So if it isn’t going to work for you, it is best you get used to it or back out of the relationship. Don’t try to change what he spent over 20 years of his life believing, now that is ridiculous. You can change a smoker, or make him stop few bad habits but changing a man’s belief takes a whole lot of convincing. So study your man well in order to know how to handle different issues with him.

Trust Not: As scary as this may look or sound, it is really not what you think. Trust your man but always remember he is human and not perfect after all. He is allowed to err so do not crucify or judge him because the minute he notices that he can’t tell you his worst mistakes, there’s going to be a bridge in communication. Once that goes wrong, like it or not, he will be forced to communicate with another person. Forgive him when he errs and vice versa, or choose to become a side chic in your own relationship.


About The Writer: Kemi Adewale is a Microbiologist by day, and a fiction writer by night. She is very passionate about telling people’s stories and commenting on issues happening in her social sphere.