Expand Your Business Productivity And Grow Your Business With These Technological Tools

January 27, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Articles of the Day,Business News


Patricia Fripp, a sales presentation expert once said that what she wanted in business was an unfair advantage. And no, she didn’t mean being corrupt or fraudulent or anything illegal or immoral. She sought an unfair advantage in business by doing everything a teeny bit better every day.

Little changes to your business processes and operations could give you the advantage you need for business growth. And there are several technological tools you could use to improve and grow your business.

From managing your customers, to getting your business visible, to managing your marketing channels, here are several tools you can use to grow your business.

Customer Relationship Management Tools

Your customer is the most important piece of your business. Improving the relationship you have with each and every one of your customer would make a dramatic impact on your business growth. In fact, a report shows that CRM increases sales by up to 29%. Imagine what 29% more sales could do for your business this year.

You could use the following CRM tools to manage and improve your customer relationships

Hubspot CRM: This free CRM tool allows you to track and monitor every interaction you have with your customer, keep and customize your customer database and even provides you with information of the companies in your database.

Salesforce: From sales to marketing and providing analytics, you can do a lot more with Salesforce CRM.

Social Media Management

In order for you to see results with any social media network, you need to invest time and effort. And most importantly, you need to be consistent. You need to constantly post relevant and engaging content and monitor interactions from your followers. You could save yourself hours and become more efficient at social media marketing by using any of these tools

Hootsuite: With this global social media management tool, you can listen to conversations around your business, schedule posts weekss and months ahead and track how effective your social campaigns are. The free plan allows you to add up to 3 social networks to your account.

Buffer: Buffer can basically do almost everything Hootsuite can. However, there is this new feature you could find useful. Since you need visual content to get more visibility on most social networks, Buffer allows you to create your own image with the right format for each network.

Email Marketing

With email marketing, you get more Return on Investment (ROI) than any other digital channel. Why? Because the ‘’inbox’’ is sacred to your customers. These are the tools that lead the email marketing software industry today.

Mailchimp: Fantastic for automated messages, targeted campaigns and email newsletters for small businesses.

Constant Contact: You can design your own newsletters, manage social campaigns, run online surveys and even manage event registrations with Constant Contact.

Vertical Response: Great for small businesses and startups. When building your email list and getting personal with your contacts matter, use Vertical Response.


Sometimes, keeping track of your tasks and managing several responsibilities can be overwhelming. These tools would help you stay organized and more efficient.

Trello: The visual project management system helps you and your team to manage projects effectively and in a visual way.

Evernote: From writing, to gathering internet links, to setting reminders, you can use Evernote to organize your life’s work.

Marketing and Visibility

How can you attract more customers without being seen? Visibility is paramount to customer acquisition and business growth. It’s also critically important to be locally visible to your customers.

Businessinfopage: provides the ultimate platform for Nigerian businesses to be seen by Nigerians (and secondly the global market). From online advertising to content marketing.