Wizkid made me over N30m at age of 23

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My love for Wizkid made me over N30m at age 23 – Segun Ogundele

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My Name is Seun Ogundele (youngestCEO), 23yrs Old Netpreneur. Here is My Story……. 6 years ago, I was just 17 years old. At that age, most children still depends on their parent and don’t even know what the future holds for them but then I wanted to be financially free and doesn’t want to depend on my parent. A lot of my friends laughed at me when I told then am not going to work for anyone but be my own boss.

2008, I was in SS3 preparing for my WAEC. I decided to try few internet opportunities that came my way then. I started with PAID SURVEY PROGRAMS in 2009, all I have to do to make money from this program is just to fill some surveys and I get paid. I was able to make over $10,000 at the end of six months from this program. I was so excited and decided to withdraw my earnings then the site administrator told me to pay $150 for transfer charges. After paying the $150, my account was blocked both my $10,000 and $150 had vanished in thin air. All effort to reach the site admin proves abortive and that was end of story….

$10,000 Gone!

I didn’t give up, So I decided to try something else .Blogging with Google Adsense looks so promising to me in 2010. I spent my pocket money buying materials online. After 4 months of researching I was able to break the jinx and made my first $1000 from google adsense and even received my first cheque here in Nigeria and cleared it in my domiciliary account.

I was so happy, thinking I have arrived and my income kept on increasing….

From $1,000 to $2,500, $5,000 and then $12,500

This success got me recognition on different National Newspapers in 2010 as “Nigeria Youngest Student Millionaire”

I Made My First Million At Age 17. See Proof Below:

It was when I was expecting my cheque close to N2million from google in 2010 that I lost my account and couldn’t receive the check as well.

                At this point, I got tired of everything. Thought online business was not for me. When I was about giving up I came across this young Nigeria artist WIZKID on TV with his single Holla at your boy. He was like the youngest artist then and this made me like him so much. I went ahead to get his first album Superstar in 2011 and my favourite was “No lele” It was all about hustling and making it in life. I promised myself to play this song in my first car ever because it really motivates me a lot.


I love music a lot, so seeing a young guy like me making it BIG in the entertainment industry always give me hope too that I can become the youngest Successful Internet Marketer in Nigeria.


Why Do I Like Wizkid So Much?


·         He was like the youngest artist in the entertainment industry then just like I was in the internet business industry.


·         Almost the same age with me.


·         He was really hardworking, recording hit singles and making money for himself at a very young age.


So I was like if Wizkid can succeed as a young artist, then nothing should stop me!
Wizkid was making lots of money from his hobby(Singing)  but since I may not have luck with music, I decided to find a way to make money with my own hobby as well which is writing and also promise myself to bring wizkid to my 25
th birthday So I have to make lot of money to be able to afford him (though I still have 23months to reach that goal since my birthday is August 15) For good 2 years It was just Wizkid Songs I listen too both on my phones and Computer.
As I was surfing through the internet around 2am on September 2010. I came across a website that changed my life today, On this secret website I discovered “ How to quickly convert my Hobbies, Ideas, Knowledge and Skills to Cold Hard Cash”…..for some minutes I taught it was the Survey and PTR programs again but Hell No…


“I got my finger burnt already! No Way!”


But then as I was about to exit the website, something caught my attention, which was:


“The Only single Way to Make Massive Cash Online is By Selling a Product or Rendering a Service”

C’mon I have been wasting my time since all these years without knowing this simple truth. I wish I knew since, I wouldn’t have waste my pocket money on all those stupid internet pythons that swallow people’s money and effort.

After reading that sentence then I received another shocker of my life!


“Selling Information product give you passive Income, so you can create a product once and keep making money from it over and over again but rendering service will not”


Oh this is exactly what Wizkid and other artiste does too.
He release a hot single,He sells it on Itunes , do album launch and also get booked for shows to perform the music over and over again.


Most successful website on the internet today. I mean website that makes their owner lotta money. They have one thing in common. They actually sell products or render services.


·         FACEBOOK.com Sells Advert Space, Mark is the Youngest Billionaire in the World


·         Google.com Sells Advert Space as Well


·         Lindaikejisblog.com also Sells Advert Space on her Blog


·         Jumia.com and Konga.com Sell Physical Products


·         Amazon.com is the largest ecommerce store in the world , They also sells Physical Products.


·         Nairabet.com also sell Sport betting Services.


I already know where the writer is driving at, Its very simple; Selling product was the way forward.


I look so stupid when I saw all what I have to do start experiencing windfall of cash in my local bank account even for the fact that I don’t have to start selling physical products which may cost me lot of money to start with.


” if you want to keep receiving windfall of cash into your account by invisible paymaster


·         Look for what a group of people want (problems or desire)


·         Create an Information Product to solve the problem


·         Sell it to them


Once you master this system, you will never go broke again”
This system is not just applicable to the internet it’s the rule of wealth, Even Aliko Dangote Wealth is Based on this rule and many successful entrepreneur in the world.


That’s all…………..I was renewed and have confidence that I will make headway in my new Internet  business.


In the first few months of doing the business in 2011, I made my first N1million and since then I have been making six figure income online.

Over the Past 5 years, This Internet Business have been  responsible for the following result:

All this from my internet business and Inspiration of Wizkid rise to stardom as Nigeria first youngest successful Artist.


If you have gone this far, then am sure you are really motivated. Age is not a barrier to success In life. If you can dream it then you can achieve it too. If a 23yrs Old Guy can do this then you can do better.




The truth is most people will laugh at you when you tell them you want to start internet business or they wont even believe that the business exist, well don’t be discourage even if it comes from those that are vey close to you. It happened to me too. Ask people like Linda Ikeji, Otunba Akin Alabi (CEO, Nairabet) e.t.c


They Laughed at me When I told Them
I will Make 6 Figures Online
But When They saw over N20million Income,
My House, Nice Apartment ,Investments and my cars they
were Begging me to show them the Way!


Well why waste my time with doubting Thomas, when i already know that you are interested in changing your story to a successful one like some smart people that have mentored in the  last few .They experience loads of cash in their bank account and still thank me till today.


So the question is……..
 Would you like me to show you how to start your own profitable Internet business right here in Nigeria?
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I don’t care if you’re brand new to the Internet. I don’t care if you’ve tried “everything” out there and haven’t been able to make a dime. I don’t care if you’ve never had an online success EVER.


Sometimes in life, you have to decide to pick yourself up by your own bootstraps, take action and make things happen


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Seun Ogundele,CEO of Fastplus Innovation Limited, He is Nigeria’s Youngest Internet Marketer, Serial Entrepreneur, Speaker, Marketing Veteran, Small Business Consultant. He has trained Over 10,000 Nigerians through his Teachings, Seminars, Trainings, Articles and Blog.  Want to consult or book him as a speaker for your event, send an email tofastplusinnovation@gmail.com