President buhari: Treasury Single Account We realised N2.2trn in 3 months

February 6, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ NEWS and Gossip


Amid a meeting with Nigerians in London on Thursday, pres. Buhari said that his organization inside of 3 months spared N2.2 trillion through the authorization of the Treasury Single Account.


He said the Nigerian National Petroleum Cooperation, NNPC had more than 45 accounts scattered in various banks and the Nigerian military likewise had 70 accounts in various banks. He said;


“We are truly stuck in an unfortunate situation. What we found was that we attempted to uphold what we called treasury single record, TSA. What’s more, the reason was straightforward. This legislature did not start it. It was the past government. Be that as it may, it was so disagreeable to the organization and the past government for its own particular reasons couldn’t uphold it. However, when we came and found that we were penniless, we said this is the best approach to do it. What’s more, I will simply let you know two samples to persuade you. To start with, NNPC, the bovine that was giving the milk had more than 45 accounts, service of resistance, that is the military Army, Navy and aviation based armed forces had more than 70 accounts. Let me know which account we can follow in these few records. So we authorize TSA. We said there must be TSA. Before the end of December, coming to January this year, that is a month ago, we cleaned up more than N2.2trn which we have utilized through the administration framework to raise vouchers and sign checks with the goal that they don’t go into the following spending plan.”


President Buhari likewise said that the administration discovered that numerous executives in the CBN claimed the Bureau De Change outfits through which they raked in the outside trades.


“We discovered that a portion of the chiefs in the national bank possess the authority de change organizations. So when the remote trade comes, they take it and give government the change. So we halted the Federal Government giving department de change outside trade. Kindred nation men and ladies, I am giving you a tip of the ice sheet of the issue we acquired and we are getting so hard on the grounds that we have no other method for running the nation unless we make everyone responsible”, he said.