Best Packing Tips To Escape The Hassle Of Airport Security

February 19, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Articles of the Day

Travelling by air is a lot easier than going by road or water. You save more time, there are fewer risks and basically, you get greater value for your money. However, there some procedures that can take the joy out of the air travel, as they make what should be a seamless process rather tedious. One of those procedures is the airport security check.

In truth, packing to meet airline security guidelines is not always easy. You may want to carry along a few electronics, like your laptop and personal grooming items especially if you are going on a long trip but these can cause a lot of hitches as aside from the body scanner, your carry-on luggage can actually slow you down at the checkpoint as well.

Planning with the tips listed would help you can get through security smoothly and have an easier flight.

Pack in layers
Do not just throw everything into your box and leave for the airport. Take out some time to pack your belongings. If you have a carry-on, pack in a layer of clothes, before you pack the electronics, then possibly another layer of clothes again inside a carry-on. This does not just cushion your gadgets, protecting them from severe friction, it allows the security agents to quickly see what is in the carry-on, making it easy for them to process you faster.

Do not pack too many cords
A luggage full of tangled cords is not a pretty sight for anyone to behold, especially not the airport security as it looks risky and potentially dangerous, even if it is not. Rather than set yourself up for a thorough and time-consuming bag check due to excess cords, ensure you pack only the cables you absolutely need, wrap the cords around their devices, and pack your chargers together in one bag, preferably a see-through bag. You can use rubber bands on them to keep them tangle-free. It is also a good idea to use retractable cables when possible to make them easier to store.

Ensure large devices are easily accessible
If you are travelling with a laptop, an IPad or any other bulky electronic device, place them at the top of your carry-on or put them in your handbag so they are easy to reach in and pull out. You really do not want start digging around in your bag to find your laptop, or even a gaming console when you are already at security. Ensure you do not keep them in checked bags. As they certainly have to come out of your bags at screening checkpoints. Doing this will save you a lot of time and cut out undue stress.

Pack all liquid in checked bags
Generally the airport security limits the amount of liquids that travelers may carry through a security checkpoint. Make sure you pack only the liquid cosmetics you need for the trip.Ensure that large quantities of liquids, gels, and aerosols are packed in checked baggage rather than carry-ons.

Wait to wrap gifts
The airport security is very strict on wrapped packages, and they are not allowed through security till the security officers can see inside the bag or package. Most times, passengers are forced to rip open the package, especially if it electronics, sometimes, destroying the package in the process. Rather than set yourself up for the delays that come with wrapping and revealing the package, as well as the disappointment of a ruined wrap job, it may be easier to just wait until you get to your destination.