All out Sharia law fast approaching, CAN raises caution

March 19, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ NEWS and Gossip

Exasperates by the late declaration of President Mu­hammadu Buhari that Nigeria had joined a coalition of Islamic nations fighting terrorism, an organ of the Christian Asso­ciation of Nigeria (CAN), Na­tional Christian Elders Forum, has uncovered that it has on great power, arranges by the Federal Government to force Sharia Law on each condition of the federa­tion.

The Christian Forum further uncovered that there were some Islamist components as of now in the nation with the sole point of Is­lamising the nation.

Director of the discussion, Mr. Solomon Asemota, SAN, sup­ported by Christian pioneers like the Bishop of Kafanchan Dio­cese of Catholic Church, Joseph Bagobiri, among others, the older folks told columnists at a public interview that the Islamic ele­ments in the nation were al­ready working towards achiev­ing the objective of making Nigeria a Sharia state.

“We know that there are Islamists in government prepar­ing to execute the Islamisation plan. Any country in which Islamists trust that they are adequately solid to practice impact infrequently encounter tranquil cohabitation among the different gatherings inside of it.

“This is the present circumstance in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Saudi Ara­bia, and the Sudan. Islamism flourishes with foul play, imbalance and injustice. We ask Nige­rians to stay prudent so that the Islamists don’t drag the country down the way of destruc­tion

“In the development to the 2015 decisions, dominant part of Nigerians communicated incredible trust that there would be change in the country. In any case, ten months after the new government was sworn into office, believable apprehen­sion can be communicated given the arrangement course of the new ad­ministration. We trust that the development to these arrangements don’t result in out and out Sharia which President Muhammadu Buhari had guaranteed Muslims in Nige­ria,” Asemota noted for the benefit of different older folks.

Talking further on President Buhari’s late activities which propose that the movement was al­ready set up to settle in Sharia law, the older folks said: “The inclu­sion of Nigeria in the Saudi Ara­bia Military Coalition of “Mus­lim/Arab” countries would give the idea that the Foreign Policy push of the this organization is to make Nigeria a satellite condition of Saudi Arabia. The reinforcing of the country’s majority rule government and security for all ought to remain the best need of government.

“This we see to have been nullified by the President’s fiat/one-sided choice to enroll Ni­geria in the 34 countries Muslim/Arab coalition. Given the emo­tive and touchy nature of this one-sided Executive choice, it ought to have been taken care of by Mr. President in accordance with our fair culture through prevalent examination and partici­pation by the citizenry, or at any rate, through the National Assembly.”