About BusinessInfopage

Businessinfopage.com is a website developed and managed by UJ Technologies Ltd, a Nigerian based and registered web development company.

We are experts at providing new business solutions in a win-win environment.

BusinessInfopage was developed with an idea to develope Nigerian local content thereby leveraging information technology potentials for higher productivity, good governance and global competitiveness for Nigerian companies offering goods and services.

We help businesses who need customers to find them. Our platform works in all the areas local customers search which includes online, mobile and more.

Our goal is to develope and grow Nigeria local content in wide variety of topics giving our users the most relevant results for their searches.


BusinessInfopage.com makes it easy for you to find businesses and places. Whether it’s the nearest amala joint, a bank branch, a restaurant or an embassy. You can find it on BusinessInfopage.com fast and easy.

Our Mission:

To organize Nigeria’s information, making it easy to find and easy to use.